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Considering a nose job!

We are usually enamoured to stories that have novelty, pricking on our curiosity. Like the show Entertainment Today airing almost daily on cable television which featured in a series the adventures and misadventures of a young woman’s journey to plastic surgery and her eventual addiction to this procedure. This woman had around 26 surgeries ranging from several nose jobs and lip modifications to buttock changes. The beauty that she used to have and the horrendous complications that her surgeries entailed on her budget, health and beauty were all presented on the international audience.

It was simply educational! She must have felt like she won the lottery, but her mind and face are pictures in contrast. What is this rising trend all about and what risks do we need to know before we have ourselves under the knife. It is no big surprise the trend that our teens today have set themselves especially pertaining to beauty and body perception. Although plastic surgery is still a first world “thing,” because of technology availability, accessibility as well as affordability, more and more countries has come to accept its presence.

Today’s adolescent is an assortment of contemporary style and the most modern know-how: fashionable fitted denims, tight polo top, and a sling bag with matching cell phone and iPod inside. It is no wonder then that fashion and medicine come together especially in the teen dominated scene. What is actually going on here is the evolution of how people appreciate beauty and the way to get it. Beauty is defined today much different than it was years before. A pretty woman or the ideal impression of the womanly figure has gone through stages, as manifested in art and the mass media.

Leonardo da Vinci’s portrayed a sort of virtuous beautiful lady in the likeness of Mona Lisa. If artists like Ruben and portraits of his art on women would be on display, they will not be the kind to consider on the ramp. In fact, way back during the 40s and the 50s, beautiful means having the full and curvy figure. It cannot be denied that to a degree, the parents have a compelling effect over whether or not their offspring will become overweight or obese. The reality is that parents don’t just pass on their genetic traits; most importantly, the nurture aspect of the equation is equally powerful.

Bad eating practices and inactive routines like staying long in front of television or playing video games at hours end are routines make obese children what they are. Thirty three-point-three percent (33. 3%), studies show that they are more prone to become overweight as they reach young adulthood (Source: locateadoc. com, accessed November 22, 2006). These are just some of the glaring realities in this generation. Add to that is the way parents relate with their children in some questionable aspects. There are parents who take for granted the decision-making opportunities that their children make.

They even give away gifts in the form of plastic surgery to their children. This goes to show that either they don’t care or are not concerned at all with what their children are doing in their bodies or perhaps this is their way to “win” their children for lost time and affections. Of course, there are exceptions to the category; parents who genuinely care for their children and who just don’t make use of their wealth at their whim, and who use their money wisely and with real legitimate reasons.


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