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Critique of a Fox News Channel Night Program

The recent airing of Fox News last June 6, 2009 covered the usual topics one can see in any other news program. As expected majority of the topics or stories reported are about the economy which I think is somehow a good thing because people get updated to the developments happening on the worldwide economic crisis that I believe is of interest for many a lot of people today. Aside from this, among the headlines was the follow-up story on the on-going visit of U.

S. president Obama in different countries. There is one story the program, I think, overly focused on. It was the death of Tina Watson, Gabe Watson’s wife who was allegedly killed during the couple’s scuba diving activity. Other than these reports, the recent airing of the news program just aired usual stories about new scientific discoveries, business and politics, violence, technology, weather, human interest stories and latest events have been reported.

As I have noticed, there was nothing new about the how the program goes, it still covered a lot of news and showed a lot different nauseous reports on the common beats. The manner of presentation of the program is one point that could be criticized. Yes it is a good thing to cover a lot of topics for the viewers to have a view on latest happenings but too many segments and too many stories just makes the program quite tiring to watch. Information overload was never a good thing.

Another thing that bothered me while watching the episode was the comment of one of their reporters regarding the story involving Lorna Ling. While reporting on the issue he mentioned something about Korea being a ‘scary’ place, which I think is inappropriate for a news reporter. Expressing one’s thoughts about a particular issue is alright but giving a statement which is leading or somehow creates a negative effect on a particular subject is not. The carelessness of one reporter could get the program or even the network in trouble for being biased on its reports.

If we would recall, Fox News Channel have recently been accused of unethical journalistic conduct due to the programs’ alleged bias towards the Republican Party during the time of the national elections. In the business of broadcasting news, putting too much information as well as getting involved in controversies would not be of any help. Lack in paying careful attention to details like these could put the existence of the news network in danger.

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