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Customer specifications

Chartered Society of Designers (CSD) having its head quarters in London, England is the professional organization for designers. Various fields of designing such as fashion, graphics, interactive media design, interior, product and textile are in the purview of CSD which has a long successful history of six decades. CSD has an award programme to encourage and inspire new designers. The award carries a reputed merit value as it hails from world’s largest chartered body for professional designers. Each particular design field carries a specific activity.

For e. g. Fashion Design: This includes designing of garments, bags, footwear and other accessories. Interior Design: This includes the interior decor of office, restaurant, factory, residential and commercial property, television and movie theatre etc. , Product Design: This includes the designing on articles and craft works which are made up of wood, metal, ceramic, glass, jewellery, leather and decorative pieces. Textile Design: This designing includes printed textiles, printed carpets which are woven and knitted textiles. Also wall coverings, rugs etc.

The objective of the society is to promote sound principles of design and benefits to community and evolve new techniques in designing. Membership to CSD society is only awarded to those who excel in proving their capability during an admission assessment. Accordingly after selection, members are given MCSD, or FCSD which are registered only with the society. Among those who were awarded the highest award from CSD, the Minerva Medal, for high profile and professionalism, Sir Terence Conran is present among the awardees. This honored medal significantly carries the profile of Minerva, the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, knowledge and education.

CSD also awards medals to students who pursue full-time courses in designing in various fields. The criteria of the award is to display the caliber and capability of students. CSD’s Hong Kong Grand Award is presented to a person, body or company, who have made most outstanding contribution to the design industry. In the year 2005, the award was presented to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Importance of Fabrics “We’re seeing a resurgence in luxury and opulence”, says Samantha Poffel, marketing and showroom manager for the London-based textile company, Osborne & Little.

“I think it’s a backlash to all the beige rooms of the 90s”. 1 “In today’s market, what we wear and what we want in our homes have become very closely tied”, says interior designer Joy Rexroad of Hale & Rexroad Interiors. “People have the money and want to spend it wisely”. 2 These are most luxurious times for fabric designs as audience and consumers are in search of variety, quality and cost-effective. As a wise saying goes “Home is a place where the heart is”. Upholsters, draperies and design fabric is great in demand for home decors.

However, market and consumer behavior is always prone to unforeseen, several changes which are required to be identified by the designers and endeavor to meet the demands of consumers and highlight the fabrics. Combination of colors, textures, the quality of material viz. , cotton, silk, wool, knit, embroidery is of great importance in designing patterns. This has been facilitated to a great advantage with the advent of interactive media design which helps designers to create new pattern of designs. A general principle of interior decor is that, chosen fabrics must be compatible with the interior of homes or locations.

This particular job is exercised by interior designer in most professional manner. [e. g. Nate Berkus of U. S is the most outstanding professional interior designer who designs most exclusive interiors for celebrity homes]. There are many successful multinationals, who have made an outstanding contribution to textile and interior industry. Companies range of products, themes, quality and pricing varies according to the style and the purpose for which it is designed. e. g. Colefax and Fowler Designs are very colorful and pleasant. This company is offering services in curtain making, painting, decorating, wood work and upholstery.

Also fabrics for bed spreads, cushions, valances, tablecloths and throws. Osbourne and Little A huge collection of fabrics is available, in offering variety for interior in home decoration as well as for commercial offices and restaurants. These fabric designs are printed using tools and machinery in the traditional model of printing on fabrics. Fabrics are available within 14 days, according to the customer specifications. The choice of colors and fabric designs are very creative and appear as pleasant. The company supplies fabrics for soft furnishing, cushions, wall hangings, curtains and upholstery.

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