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Dante’s Peak and Volcano

The general image of Volcanoes is negative. Movies such as Dante’s Peak and Volcano have subconsciously created a terrifying picture of living around volcanoes. Some people avoid living around mountains even if the mountains have been declared dormant or dead. It is true that the science of volcanology is a complex science and most of the conclusions are based on a chain of environmental judgment. Nevertheless, if we pay attention to our science teacher in junior high school, then we would realize that volcanic eruption is just a part of nature’s periodical activities.

The process has benefits and disadvantages for the surrounding environment. I. 1 What is a Volcano Volcanoes are mountains. The difference is that, unlike mountains, which is a result of land erosion or tectonic activities like folding, crumpling and uplift, volcanoes are built by volcanic activities. In simple terms, volcanic activities can be described as the movement of lava underneath the surface of the earth. From time to time, the lava, which constantly burns within the inner layers of our planet, demands an opening that allows it to reduce internal pressures beneath the earth.

A volcano is a potential opening or a vent connected to the flow of lava that would allow the increasing tension beneath the earth to come out (“What is a Volcano”? 2005). I. 2 How Does Volcanic Eruptions Work There are many assumption made by ancient societies about volcanic eruptions before the presence of science. In Polynesia, Pele was the name of a beautiful Polynesian Goddess of volcanoes. Polynesians believe that the eruptive activities of volcanoes are the result of Pele’s anger and hatred. The Romans on the other hand, believes that volcano is the chimney of Vulcan, Blacksmith of the Roman gods.

The actual explanation is a lot simpler. As the chambers of magma -hot molten rocks- remained sealed for hundreds of years, the pressure build-up significantly. Gas and magma travel within ‘veins’ beneath the earth to find the weakest layer for an opening. After the pressure build-up sufficiently, the volcano erupts, letting out massive amount of gasses, dusts, rocks and lava (Britt, 2005). Within this paper, we are discussing the environmental effect of a volcanic eruption toward its surrounding environment. The discussion would both cover the positive and negative perspectives of the phenomena.

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