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Define and describe the importance to you as a leader the following group related issues

Group Composition: The group may consist of several workers of different age group, educational level and skill set. It is important for the leader to identify all such parameters before allotting a project to the group. “One factor that determines the efficiency of collaborative learning is the composition of the group. This factor is defined by several variables: the age and levels of participants, the size of the group, the difference between group members, etc. ” (Group composition) Group Roles: The role of the groups must be defined based on their expertise and experience.

The manager must assess the roles of the groups in each project. He must ensure that each group is performing in the right path to ensure the overall success of the project. Group Cohesion: The leader must know the characteristics of the group well before allotting a project to them. The group members must be unique in their opinions and attitude in order to execute a project successfully. Group Norms: Norms must be well defined before the formation of a group. The group members must be selected based on the norms only.

The leader must ensure that all the members of the group are capable of fulfilling the group norms in order to execute a project successfully. 2. Briefly list the six steps to follow when you are introducing a topic that may cause a conflict: Conflicts can happen anywhere anytime and it is most commonly observed in work place also. In order to resolve such conflicts the following six steps must be taken by the leader before implementing a new topic. 1. “Backup plan or Plan B: If Plan A fails then the leader should have a Plan B ready even before the implementation of the topic. He should never concentrate on a single plan.

2. Emotional Control: The implementation of new topics always brings criticisms and negative results at the beginning. The leader must have a strong emotional control to overcome such issues. 3. Reduction of tension: The leader must act in such a way that his actions may result in reducing the tensions or concerns of the workers about the new topic. A democratic approach is necessary in this situation 4. Persuade: The true essence of persuasion is reframing the worker’s demands into what they actually need. The ability to persuade workers is essential for the implementation of the new topic.

5. Options: The leader must provide liberal options to the workers rather than insisting on a specific option alone as autonomy in life is a fundamental human need. 6. Solutions: The leader must provide the worker, the freedom of selecting the option from different options provided by him, to attain the solution. The leader should never force the worker to follow a specific option only. ” (Tristan Loo ) 3. Define and give 2 examples of each. Role Conflict Role conflict is a common phenomenon in work places. Though everybody has specific responsibilities assigned, in some case, conflicts can occur.

For example for a quality control executive need to control the quality of the products manufactured rather than the quantity. On the other hand a production executive may be more interested in quantity rather than quality. This can lead to conflicts between quality people and the production people quiet often. Same way Different departments of a company also can clash each other. Everybody wants to show their control over the organization and they quiet often argue that their department is the most essential and well functioned department in the company.

Role Ambiguity Role ambiguity is another problem. Suppose the manager is not in the cabin and the telephone is ringing. A worker who hears the bell may confuse whether to enter in and attend the call. A receptionist may also be confused what reply has to be given to the client regarding the deadline of a project going on, if the manager is absent References 1. Tristan Loo Resolve Any Conflict in Six Stepshttp://ezinearticles. com/? Resolve-Any-Conflict-in-Six-Steps&id=311785 2. Group composition, http://tecfa. unige. ch/tecfa/research/CMC/colla/iccai95_15. html

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