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Dilemma on Proper Waste Disposal

The occurrence of outbreaks of diseases as a result of industrial operations is not a rare event. Oftentimes such problems occur due to unsafe practices of manufacturers in disposing industrial waste. In this respect, at least one vital dilemma arises: how does one strike a balance between the interest of the populace to a safe and healthy environment and that of manufacturers in disposing their waste products?

It is undeniable that people, specifically those involved in production and manufacturing of goods, contribute to the production of tremendous waste, which potentially lead to various health concerns (United Nations System-Wide Earthwatch). Therefore, it cannot be denied that there is a worldwide need to reduce waste production, or at least, implement effective means of waste disposal.

On the other side of the spectrum lies the interest of manufacturers to keep their operations at low cost, in order to maximize their profit, or at least achieve a reasonable return of investment. Thus, it is difficult to impose on these manufacturers methods of waste treatment or management that involve huge sums of money. Despite this limitation, it is believed that simple steps on waste management could effectively prevent health issues and problems from arising.

The best possible solution to the dilemma involves a close coordination by the industrial sector with the government in order to ensure that they put their resources towards achieving the Best Practicable Environmental Option, which takes into account two goals: the minimization of adverse effects of waste on air, water and land, while at the same time keeping costs at a minimum (Hazardous Waste). Proper waste disposal being an interest of both private and public sectors, the government could provide assistance through infrastructure or subsidy, which could lessen the burden on manufacturers.

On the other hand, manufacturers cannot altogether evade responsibility over their waste products because such responsibility is imposed on them by their engagement in such enterprise.


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