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Dog Care

Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility; however, it could turn out to be enjoyable, fulfilling, and revitalizing at the same time if you know how to do it properly. Explaining further, it is such a big responsibility because you are to carry out the following: naming of the dog; shopping for it; as well as, feeding, grooming and providing adequate exercise for it (The.. n. p. ). The aforementioned are just actually some of the most essential steps to be taken in taking care of a dog (The.. n. p. ).

This paper entitled, “Dog Care” intends to speak of the following: “naming of the dog; shopping for it; as well as, feeding, grooming and providing adequate exercise for it” as part of the process of taking care of a dog to establish the fact that it is indeed a big responsibility. It eventually ascertains however that proper care for it will consequently lead to enjoyable, fulfilling, and revitalizing experience. Naming the Dog You should begin by giving your dog its name (How.. n. p. ). This may become possible by considering its “appearance, heritage, special characteristics, as well as, behavior” (How.. n. p. )

Shopping for the Dog’s Needs In the meantime, while thinking of an appropriate name, it is important to make a list of what it needs (How.. n. p. ). Listing all the dog’s needs will save you time, effort, and money since you won’t have to always return to the dog shop every time you remember that you forgot something (How.. n. p. ). The most important things that the dog needs are the following: food, water, shelter, clothes, toys that it will enhance his exercise/learning activities, leash, grooming essentials (How.. n. p. ).

When you are ready with your complete list, you should proceed to the dog shop and purchase its needs (How.. n. p. ). While you are at the store, you may also ask questions to the dog experts who for sure are more than willing to assist you (How.. n. p. ). For instance, know how much food your dog needs, how often will it eat, what it can eat, what it cannot take in, etc (How.. n. p. ). Feeding, Grooming, and Providing Exercise for the Dog Immediately after that, go home and start feeding your dog properly following the advice of the expert that you have just spoken to (How..n. p. ).

Make time to further your research and knowledge by visiting a veterinarian for advice on what and how to provide your dog with a nutritionally balanced diet (The.. n. p. ). Make sure as well that your dog gets to drink clean and fresh water constantly (The.. n. p. ). Afterwards, groom your dog by bathing it, cutting its nails, brushing its teeth, cleaning its eyes, as well as, its ears (The.. n. p. ). Then after that, plan and then, finally, make time for its exercise in order for the dog to stay healthy and fit all the time (The.. n. p. ).

Dog experts claim that it is wise to walk your dog two times a day (The.. n. p. ). Also, playing with it is also essential (The.. n. p. ). This will not only provide it with the exercise it needs but you will also make it feel that you care for and love the dog by doing so (The.. n. p. ). In addition to that, all your efforts will be rewarded because by then you will feel that your dog will make you feel that it loves you very much as well (The.. n. p. ).


Taking care of a dog entails naming; shopping; and feeding, grooming, as well as providing exercise, which makes it a big responsibility. However, one may feel that such responsibility may also become enjoyable, fulfilling, and revitalizing since all these may be experienced once the dog returns the favor and will love you back as well because of all the good deeds you showed it also.


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