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East and West

In our fast-changing society today, realization of the importance and effect of globalization is rapidly becoming a necessity. It is more so since today’s trend in business and economy demands unification brought upon by the wonders of our technological advances. While a culture must work to develop and preserve their deepest traditions and customs, to be able to adapt to the ever-expanding need of our generation, the path towards world integration should be recognized.

In the video “Sumo: East and West,” it is shown how even the most ancient of traditions is now faced with the dealt of globalism. It is inspiring and at the same time moving. Inspiring in the sense that somehow, maybe through the ways of globalization, there is the possibility that the vastly diverse nations of the world could unite and assimilate towards a more peaceful environment where there is less wars and bloodsheds and where children are given a better and more secure future.

However, it is in someway depressing that to be able to achieve that visionary, culture needs to adapt and must submit to change as well. The adage that says there is nothing in this world that doesn’t change except change itself indeed is true. But the truth that something must be altered to survive, a theme very similar to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, is quite fretful. Respect of difference in cultures is as important and as difficult as learning to understand a new language when traversing new territories but through time it could be attained.

Nevertheless, could it be just as simple when it comes to modification of a tradition safeguarded for two millenniums? Japan’s national sport, sumo, have been practiced by their locals for so long. As time passes by, the activity had gained enough popularity to attract people of different nationalities, joining them both on national and international levels. Today, sumo hasn’t only grown into a world-acknowledged sport but is also slowly paving its way to the Olympics.

But because of this same reason, sumo itself is gradually yet certainly changing itself; bringing about a new face, a new type of sumo. While the basic and most honored parts of sumo was retained such as the mawashi (traditional silk belt folded and wrapped around the waist of a sumo wrestler) and the shiko (basic action of sumo involving stamping down each leg, used in practice and warm-ups), alterations that are now becoming the issues of debates among conservatives and liberals are blooming in numbers.

Not only did the dirt ring is banished but even the traditional loincloths were just put over Lycra cycling shorts. Women’s participation had put it even in an odder situation. It might not have been that bad. In fact, these changes might have just help for the betterment of the sports, but only if it is done whole-heartedly and with full respect of sumo’s origins and significance. Sumo is not just a sport. It is a matter of tradition that had held the ideologies best valued by Japan.

Therefore, the American wrestlers, who have not only adopted the principles and disciplines of the sports and have acquired themselves a Japanese name to become fully involved with sumo, should strive hard not only to achieve the title of Yokozuna but also to let the world know the real value and depth of sumo. Through this way, the changes that sumo is undergoing could be seen in a new light; a lighted path towards preservation of culture amidst development.

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