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Employment-Sex Discrimination

This paper describes an experiment in using the “scenario,” a concept parallel to that of the case study, as a research tool for obtaining information about possible sex discrimination in personnel decisions by a College Dean in Philippines. A review of the literature indicated that in spite of legislation aimed at elimination of sex discrimination and the creation of agencies to enforce this legislation, sex role stereotyping in work roles for men and women was still commonplace.

Accordingly, researchers used a survey-experiment research design to ascertain the existence, extent, and nature of sex discrimination in situations demanding personnel decisions. Respondents assumed the role of executive vice president in a hypothetical organization and were provided with ll scenarios requiring managerial decisions involving selection, promotion, development, supervision, discipline, and various kinds of personal conflicts. Two versions of the questionnaire were prepared, with sex roles reversed for key figures in each scenario.

Findings, displayed in tables, reveal that some scenarios present no difficulties regarding the principal’s decision, whether the staff member is a male or female teacher. Employment-Sex Discrimination 3 Scenario I – The Problem Paraprofessionals are very demand in the Philippines. They play an important role in our society because they are the one who teaches the impaired persons. And that task is not easy for us (Filipinos). In our country, Philippines, paraprofessionals are one of our heroes who dedicate themselves on teaching special people.

I have a friend named “Rico”, he graduated in a course of Bachelor of Science in Special Education, and he takes a hard time to find a job because a lot of educational schools preferred to hire a woman than man. The only reason is that the school principals thought that men wouldn’t relate well to kids. My friend, “Rico” open-up his feelings to me, and he said, “You know friend I felt sorry for myself because no one will hire me due to my sex”. Sex Discrimination can be defined when you were treated differently because of your sex. This case is not only for employment but also it could be present in students.

Rico felt sad and began to cry. I explained to him that the basis of hiring you is showing your capabilities and your interest of the desired position. It doesn’t mean that you’re a man you cannot mingle with kids, it’s not true. I have a lot of friends who are guys who love kids and it made their lives happier. And they believe that believing in yourself would make you grow, no matter what others say. Employment-Sex Discrimination 4 Scenario II –The Outcome Today, sex should not be discriminated. A lot of countries made a law for equal rights of men and women.

The goal of “The Sex Discrimination Act” is to recognize and accept within the community of the principle of the equality of men and women. This Act does not require any qualifying period of employment an employee is covered from the moment that they apply for a job. Discrimination is divided into two main categories, direct and indirect. Direct Discrimination, occurs when a person is treated differently on the grounds of their gender. Indirect Discrimination, where an employer applies a requirement or policy, which though, on the face of it has to do with gender, in practice tends to affect one rather than another.

In that case, Rico consult an attorney to help on his problems on his situation. Employment-Sex Discrimination 5 Scenario III – The Resolution At the on, when Rico seek for a job as a paraprofessional or an educator he was then hired. He felt happy and overwhelmed of having a job. At that time he proved to his employer that man can mingle to kids, and there are talents that man can only do. So now, men and women have the same rights. No discriminations at all.

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