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English Literature

We must admit people do not have the capacity to secure their selves fully. That is why we need people to help us to protect our community and the whole society in maintaining peace and order. Even if the police have limited powers and armors, they do their best to help us. However, people are not always contented in what they have. In the back of their minds, they hope and long for someone that could truly help them to be secured in different aspects of their lives because during these times, there are crimes everywhere that brings fear and anxiety to people.

This someone must be willing to help them in their needs – their hero. The purpose of this paper is to show the cultural concept of heroic and the notion of people towards modern heroes. Our concept of heroic is the one that is man enough to fight for what is right and true. This hero must be brave enough to face all the struggle, pain, and problems that may cause him and no matter what will be the consequences, the hero must be willing to do what he believes in without hesitations and fears. However, most of all, this hero must be a good looking, in favor of women.

There are different epic, historical, and tragic heroes that we have encountered in our literature class, but is there a hero that would fit our concept of heroic? I have read about different heroes like Odysseus, Oedipus, Rama, Gawain and other heroes, but I can say that Sir Gawain can fit our concept of heroic. Why is it Sir Gawain? Sir Gawain is the main character in the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. He is the Nephew of King Arthur and a knight in King Arthur’s court. He fits our concept of heroic because he was not the typical epic, tragic, or historical hero that we have.

He was also a human and even if he has powers, he remained human through his actions. I can also say that he has his own weaknesses, fears, and angst through the symbols and signs in the poem. According to the poem, he became sexually weak when the wife of the King seduced him where he lived during his journey in finding the Green Knight. Through this situation, I saw that biologically, he was a true man because he felt this kind of feeling towards a woman who was actually gorgeous and seductive.

In addition to this, Sir Gawain was not seduced with the woman’s first attempt because he knows that it was against the rule, but as the woman seduced him every time he wakes up, he eventually carried away by the situation. However, he accepted the punishment for his actions and because of this; he remained as a man with dignity, honor, and honesty. In present generation, many of us do not believe in heroes because we know that these are only forms of imaginations and they were not true. However, why do we always watch Spiderman, Superman, and/or Batman?

Why we used to spend money and time going to the movie house just to watch this kind of movies if we do not believe in heroes? Believe it or not, we all love heroes especially those who have superpowers. Spiderman, Superman, and Batman are our concept of hero. All of them are actually ordinary people but they found out that they have extraordinary powers within their own selves. They are heroes with extra ordinary looks and built but most of all, they have their own weaknesses. In this case, they are the same as Sir Gawain that even if they have powers, they have their weaknesses that helped them to become a true man and human.

Therefore, even if many of us are clever and do not believe in heroes, it is not true. These kinds of heroes are just proofs that until now, we are longing for our heroes in our society.

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