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Enrollment Counselor

Punctual, detail-oriented and a quick learner. With over five years as an Internet Marketing Consultant and over seven years of Administrative and Customer Service experience I can offer you a wealth of skills to produce in a professional manner for your company. Skills and Expertise Microsoft Office.

For over five years I have been helping design and market web sites for many professional industries showing quality work along with top search engine placement. The industries that I have worked in vary from Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Companies, Lawyers, Wedding Consultants and Painters. Before that I worked for two years for the Upper Deck Company in the Customer Service and Finance Department. Attached you will find a recommendation from the Customer Service Manager detailing the quality in which I handled the customers. Schooling High School Center City High School, Escondido, CA High School Diploma

College Word Bible College Bachelors of Theology World Harvest Mentoring Studies Completion of 3rd Year Mentoring Contact Information Name: Josh Morris Tel: 303-601-0688 Email: [email protected] net January 31, 2003 To Whom It May Concern: I had the distinct pleasure of having Josh Morris work from me for close to a year. In his time with us as a Customer Service Representative he was masterful in all aspects of his position. He quickly became one of my key staff members as he was very quick to catch on and willing to dedicate himself to his position.

He led by example by demonstrating a solid work ethic and whatever it takes attitude, while at the same time taking time to assist other members of the team. Due to the fact he was able to be successful in handling a variety of tasks, he was selected to share responsibility with another representative to also handle our direct account hotline. These accounts do over $20,000,000 in annual business with our company and it was through Josh’s professionalism that I felt him to be up to the task. I am glad I made that choice, as he was able to handle the additional responsibility while continuing to excel in his daily tasks.

In his time here I would often get appreciative letters, e-mails and calls from customers regarding his performance and ability to assist them. He used an empathic approach to meet and exceed their expectations. Although he was typically quiet, he was outspoken in his results. He will be greatly missed here and a diamond in the rough type opportunity for the company lucky enough to employ him. Should you have any questions on his performance or character, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Chris Carlin Customer Service Supervisor Hobby Cash Sales Supervisor

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