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Equality nourishes

Alienation, inequity, insecurity and over-conformity are the four problems cited by Scott. All of these affect the harmonious bonding of individuals in a certain group, organization or community; If not given attention would destroy the ties that connect people with one another. Among these four, Inequity is the greatest problem that is faced by one organization that I know. Merriam-Webster dictionary define inequity as an instance of injustice and unfairness. This is obviously observed in an organization wherein members suffered from unfair practices.

Inequity may result to different issues confronting the integrity of the officers in the said organization. Inequity may result to the other problem like alienation. Alienation is an act of withdrawal of trust and attachment of a person to the other person or group of person. As the other members of the organization experienced the unfair treatment to the other person, these members withdraw their attachment to people practices inequity. Hence, the issue draws a bigger picture of a problem.

If alienation is uncontrolled, the union which the basis of the formation of the organization is wrecked. And if members of the organization alienate their self with each other, some members also develop the attitude of conformity or over conformity to avoid opposition or objection to a certain decision. Even if they do not want such idea, they tend to conform to avoid heated discussions and violent talks regarding the concerned topic or decision. People tend to develop insecurity if they experienced unfairness.

People that are insecure lack confidence after one member favours the other even if she or he does better that the one in favoured. Inequity triggered one individual to feel inadequate or worthless after the unfair treatment. Insecurity also leads to alienation. Given a chance to be a CEO of one association, I will immediately addressed inequity among officers and members, and members among other members. As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy; indeed its true, if one person trust with one another, in the end, other issues are also be resolved.

A very fair person to do business with is the greatest trait a person must have. Fairness or equality nourishes the relationship of individuals inside an organization or community. In order to lessen other issues and problems that hindrance the overall objective of the organization, one should be just to the other. Equity harnesses the members of the organization to fulfil their different tasks and responsibilities. In the end, the organization will grow and mature and will surpass all the challenges.

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