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Essay Libraries in USA

1. How much is a membership and what does it include? We provide two types of membership: – a paid monthly subscription which gives you an instant access to our essay data base; – a subscription by submitting your own essay which gives your 3 days access to essay data base for free, but please note, that all your submissions have to pass a quality check before they will be published on site, this can take up to 3 days. 2. What credit cards do you accept? What are the other ways I can pay for the service except of credit card?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, and American Express. You can pay for the service by Credit Card only at the present time. 3. I want to cancel my subscription. What should I do? To cancel a subscription you should log in to MightyStudent. com using your username and password then go to your membership area (link in top right corner) and choose the Subscription section. You will find all further details there. Essays submission 1. I have uploaded my work, but still haven’t got an access to the essay data base. Why?

Before your work is published on the site, it has to pass a quality check to ensure that it meets the standards. Once it is approved, you will get full access to our entire essay data base. This process can take up to 4 days. Please note, that if you are a new user, you have to upload at least of 2 works that have passed the quality check. You can track your submitted essay status in your membership area. 2. How long does it take to get an access to the essay data base after I uploaded my own work? Up to 4 days for each essay submitted. 3. Why was my essay rejected?

All possible reasons are described in our Terms & Conditions. The most common are: – duplicate or plagiarized content, – the paper was not long enough, – meaningless, incomplete content, doesn’t match the topic chosen; – inappropriate content – wrong file format – size is too large 4. Can I edit the content of the work I have submitted? No, once you submitted the work and it was approved, you can’t edit it. If you want to add or change something in your work, please, contact us by mail (прописать ссылку [email protected] com) 5. How many works can I submit?

You are welcome to submit as many essays as you like. There is no limit on it. Essay materials usage 1. Can I turn in an essay downloaded from your site as my own works in my School / College/ University? No, all essay materials from the site can be used for research, reference, and revision aid only. Note, that our essay data base is submitted to the plagiarism detection software. Each work must be properly cited as a source in anything that you write. 2. I wanted to download another essay, but the message was appeared: “Your downloads limit for today is run out”.

Do you have any limitation on downloads number per day? 50 downloads per day available 3. I have found my work on your site, however I never submitted it to the site, nor gave you permission to publish it – how have you got it? All essays whish appears on our site are submitted by users who accepted our terms and conditions which state that they guarantee that they have the intellectual property rights for that document. If you think it was submitted fraudulently, we will appreciate if you contact us to resolve an issue immediately. 4.

How can I make sure the work is quality enough to reference it? All works submitted to the site are checked manually this means you will not find an essay with inappropriate content; however we can’t guarantee the work content is perfect. Our advice is to pay attention at the social rate of the work (and participate in it as well) and mark awarded information in case this field was filled up by the user who submitted the essay. You can also use the bibliography indicated in the end of essays which math you topic to research it in more detail.

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