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Essay on the Iraq War

Nothing’s really certain up to this point. Seven long years have passed since the September 11 terror attacks but still, the view seems to be obstructed by an eternal haze such that everything that has been said and will be said are purely theories and can’t bring us anywhere farther from square one. We have to look back in order to look forward, as an old adage goes. But then, one of the greatest problems encountered is the war in Iraq. The central problem is that it is perceived as a power struggle, and nothing’s certain at this point. Innocent lives have been spared in the struggle, and now, all we can ask is, “Is it really worth it?

” Even after the series of hearings, investigations, and interviews, nothing’s quite certain, and as for me, this is a great problem. These uncertainties, indeed, went a long way after seven year’s worth of incubation. And the war in Iraq is not yet concluded at this point, everything is left hanging. We are facing an economic crisis that was not experienced since the Great Depression in the 1930’s. The Americans are quite convinced that these uncertainties are doing them no good at all, thus electing Democrat Barack Obama, as the new president of the United States of America.

This event is an indicator of satisfaction on Bush’s administration and policies, the most prominent of which, is the war against terror. The war against terrorism sounded really good at first for it promises a safer, sounder and wiser America. But with the ways are turning out recently, it was a campaign founded on uncertainty. Apparent events that we face as of the moment do not suggest in any way that the war on terror is purely mythical or invented by the authorities who need it. The Iraq War still persists because world leaders need it.

Even our authorities were able to trace historical conflicts between Islamic groups and Neo-Conservatives which lead to what we face at present, but still, one thing remain: our world leaders’ uncertainty on how to resolve or even confront the situation. I was able to infer from the series of events I have witnessed as a citizen that this enemy hiding under the name terrorism was found necessary by the soon-to-be-concluded Bush administration in order to unite the ranks of American citizens. Even Tony Blair, while he was British Prime Minister rode at the hype of terrorism for him to renew his moral authority.

The War in Iraq should be concluded as soon as possible. It does not help us keep the peace in any way. It only promotes the principle: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The series of investigations that the government is undertaking, indeed, is a wise and thoughtful first step. What we can do as a people and concerned citizen of the world is to learn from it and cling on to the lessons that it offers. We are aware of the long history of conflict between Islam liberals and Neo-Conservatives.

The extent of manifestations was already felt up to the point that it already hurt us as a people. I believe that every misunderstanding can be solved by a peaceful confrontation founded on diplomacy. Peace can be kept where people mean to keep it. Peace should be a means to greater end, and not merely an end in itself. We can do greater things as a united people.


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