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Ethics norms

Ethics has been assumed to be the norms in society. It was regarded as an aspect of culture, related to how religions are perceived, and used as an escape route in some cases. However, according to the website by Santa Clara University, ethics regards mainly on human rights and obligations to society. In the given case, the constituents involved are the students, instructor, university administration, and the student who was called to cheat during an examination. Cheating in an academic set up is strongly frowned upon, receiving penalties, suspension or expulsion as a form of punishment.

Cheating was defined by Cal Poly as a means of obtaining information from another for personal credit. It is true that the student under scrutiny cheated during an in-class exam. However, there are other aspects the administration should consider in this case. An ethical dilemma was defined by the website Ethics Scoreboard as considering all options and factors that may influence a decision regarding any given issue. This was the case. An instructor in a state university came into class in the hopes that she would be able to get to know her students so that their relationship would be comfortable.

According to the text, she was successful in this area. During an in-class examination, she caught one of her best students cheating. She remembered that this was one of her students who took the extra time to learn more. During a passing conversation prior to the day of the organization, she found out the student’s father passed away. The text also wrote that every since the tragedy, the student experienced difficulty in catching up and cconcentrating in class. As not to embarrass the student, the instructor did not get his attention during the exam. She did this knowing that she should have called the student’s attention immediately.

The university was strict about their policies, especially on cheating. As an academic institution, this much was expected from them. They forbid their faculty to consider their own discretion in similar cases. Their forms of punishment are also grave. On the first offense, the student shall be suspended for a semester. When given a second offense, the student shall be expelled from the institution. As mentioned, in any ethical dilemma, all factors to influence a decision should be considered. In this case, it seems that the university did not allow any excuse, and conpletely disregarded the situation of the student.

He experienced the death of a loved one, it is expected that his feelings would be in turmoil. It can be said that his heart broke and his spirit quite lifeless. Every body knows that he still has a responsibility to his education. The death of his father was not an excuse but a reason to feel depressed. His mental and emotional state was overlooked. Was the university correct in keeping all policies stricly followed? Was the intructor correct when she did not call the attention of the student? Was the state of the student during the exam vital to the decision making? Who are the victims and culprits of this case?

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