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European Central

In the recent years, there has been a growing concern about global warming, global economic crisis and rise in poverty levels throughout the world. For a common man, to live and lead a happy and healthy life the prime most essentials are viz. , good food, good health and good income sources. Even after so many centuries of industrial development, there are people who still live below poverty line who face malnutrition and famine in spite of the fact that UN, WHO, ILO and Red Cross society exert efforts in meeting the needs of people in several continents around the world.

Global warming is due to heavy vehicle pollution, deforestation and increase of emission of green house gases which are in fact, toxicating the entire environment and a day is not far off, where every individual has to wear a pollution mask while traveling either in vehicle, flight, bus or train. The lives of industrial workers are even more in danger especially for those who work in mines and factories as these people have to constantly deal and work on chemicals which harmful and hazardous. Even used batteries which are discarded release toxic chemicals into the air, polluting the air to a great extent.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) persistent in spreading awareness to plant trees and minimize deforestation as more CO2 in air would cause many health problems to people around the world. EPA further clearly states that earth is heating up and this would lead to more skin diseases for people as the global climate would change resulting in warm weather, ocean warming, sea-level rise and coastal flooding, melting of glaciers, warming of Arctic and Antarctic are some of the indications of increase in global warming.

It is important to conserve energies, forestation, and to minimize the pollution level, use solar vehicles or electric vehicles and minimize emission of gases into the air. The second global issue is global financial crisis which stood as a great threat to many countries in Europe, Asia and U. S and this has resulted in many mergers and restructuring of several banks throughout the world. U. S Government released bailout financial plans and sanctioned many billions to save its economy.

Globalization, computer technology and the launch of many small and medium enterprising products, and rise and fall in mortgage rates of banks and financial institutions, have resulted in global economic crisis as there is no liquidity in the financial market. There is rise in unemployment, fall in wages rate as stated by ILO and there is cutting of jobs in many companies due to unstability in financial market.

There is a need for more cash flow into the market in order to stabilize the financial market. Federal Reserve Bank and European Central have already pumped $100 billion into the market in order to monitor the liquidity in the market. From the understanding of a common man, there is less cash flow in the market. The third global issue is poverty which is still threatening the globe with hunger and illiteracy. There are nearly one billion people who cannot sign and read a book.

According to UNICEF nearly 26,500-30,000 children lives are lost due to lack of food and this takes place in tribal villages in several parts of the world where there is no source of support. Nearly 80 percent of world population lives on less than $ 10 per day. Nearly three quarters of world income rests with rich who account only 20 percent and 5 percent of global income is from 40 percent of world population. Conclusion

The three global issues are global warming, global economic crisis and global poverty are the most concerned issues in the present times which necessitate and require financial plans. References Global Economic Crisis Special Coverage & World Markets Analyses Accessed 27 November, 2008 http://www. thrall. org/special/economy. html#Global_Economic_Crisis Global warming, earning warning signs Accessed 27 November, 2008 http://www. climatehotmap. org/ Poverty facts and stats Accessed 27 November, 2008 http://www. globalissues. org/article/26/poverty-facts-and-stats

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