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Expressing emotions

The subject of art is varied. It may refer to any person, object, scene or event represented in a work of art. Music which is the art of combining and regulating sounds of varying pitch produces compositions that are expressive of various ideas and emotions is pleasing and basically functional. One important personal function of music is that it has a way of expressing emotions. Becoming an artist requires a lot of passion and effort to the chosen path and career. Artist is endowed with high degree of sensitivity towards the environment and people.

The discovery of surrounding realities becomes the focal point of interest that the artist expresses in art. An Interview with Eryx Bulalas: Contemporary virtuoso artist in Classical Music Eryx Bulalas, a 21-year old Filipino musician has just finished performing his solo concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) who wholeheartedly answered every scrutiny of my questions. Eryx Bulalas recalls how and when did he learn how to play guitar. He said, “I learned playing guitar at an early age, I was still in Grade school that time when my cousin introduced me to this form and I immediately appreciate it and learned”.

I asked Eryx Bulalas if he dreamed of becoming a successful musician [as what he is now] when he was young, he immediately replied, “of course I haven’t thought of that before, I am still in the process of absorbing everything about music. However, as time passes by, Eryx Bulalas started to dream of becoming at the stardom of his career in music, in which he wanted to achieve celebrity status recognition. You can see in Eryx Bulalas’s eyes the sparkle when these words come out from his lips. You can feel his excitement to share everything about his Art, opinions, life and philosophy in this form.

I did not hinder my self from asking him everything in I wanted to ask him. So I asked him what function of the form is more important, the process, product or the symbolic significance. He then answered boldly, “Of course everything is important, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Your “product” will tell you what kind of artist you are. An artist has learned every meaning of he is working on. Symbolic significance is also important. ” I asked him about the importance of values if it affects his “products”.

He then replied: “Your values will reflect on your product; if you have a bad perception in your values then most probably you will produce bad product. He exclaimed that good values will not only make life healthy but will also make products good and presentable to the audience. The pictures below shows Eryx Bulalas and one of his recent solo acoustical concerts at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) sometime in May 2009: Accordingly, the significance of every art is to leave a legacy to the next generation and serves as the “owned creation” of an artist to continuously inspire a lot of aspiring artist.

Eryx Bulalas implied that he is proud to have inspired a lot of music student in Japan and in his home country, wherein he finished a Bachelors Degree of Guitar Performance in Philippines while obtained a Masters Degree of Guitar Performance in Japan. Eryx added that a lot of music students had asked him questions about his success and motivation which he simply replied that “a good motivation is patience as the centerpiece of learning towards successful achievements”. Eryx further acknowledge dedicating his music to the people who have helped him throughout his career and being a devoted artist.

As he said, “I always feel the strong emotions of people that provide me the presence of mind and lingering inspirations”. Eryx knows that a lot can relate to his music; how the environment influences his work and life experiences that play a vital role in shaping his works. For Eryx Bulalas, the music he produces is within the epoch and genre of visual cultures, from which patterns the living environment, emotions, responses, life experiences and the degenerative visions of an artist. Conclusion It can be said that a lot of artist has their own opinions and ways of expressing their work of art.

The processes of creating or producing an output are really important and needs a serious consideration in order to produce a good art. The values of an artist must be always reflective or indicative of his work that attributes human motivations or inspirations. On the other hand, the environment also plays a vital role in shaping the values and craftsmanship of an artist, in which [vice versa] the artist is influenced by the environmental human factors. The interest in appreciation and beauty is one of the main concerns of the artists.

Meanwhile, appreciating a work of art implies an intellectual involvement with what is to be appreciated. An artist has their own style and way of presenting their work. They have different influences and different cultures. It can be said that an artist is still affected by some inner emotion, connection to the world and to the society in producing their work. Everyone is an artist in our own individual ways. Likewise, diversity of cultures and environment influences creativity that is partly an essence of art. The product is a totality of an artist’s thinking on a certain time.

The product of an artist captures the moment and emotions. The aesthetic quality of each the art an artist can produce has its own symbolical meaning. The process of creating every art is also considered as an art; the art of manipulating mistakes and preparing to produce the greatest masterpiece. Every artist has a message to convey and put all of their voices in their art. Thus, whatever the artists produce is reflective of life and environment, of which derives the production and visualization of cultures.

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