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Faces of Cultures

In Africa, Kung African Tribes from the Kalahari Desert’s main source of food are berries, nuts, and roots. The seeker of these said crop and berries are the women. They are the ones who provide the said foods for the 85% of their group. On the other hand, the men are those who seek and provide for the meat. They also do hunting in order to survive. In the Arctic Circle, the Netsilic hunts and kills seals or sea lions during winter because during this said period, it is the only animal which serves as a source of food to them.

According to their belief during their early period, their ancestor tried to migrate and a certain girl went alone without a family to protect her. The other immigrants on the boat cut her finger and she fall onto the sea. These Eskimos believe that the girl’s finger became the seal and the girl as the goddess of the sea. Eating the liver of the sea lion is some sort of a ritual for the Netsilic. This means they are giving praise for the seal of the sea goddess. Sudan African tribe is the kind of culture where labor is important to their society and to themselves, man can do what other man can so as to woman can do what other woman can.

Their government system is called the Egalitarianism. For them to give praise and thanks, they offer Ox. They clean their body with the ash of the offered cattle. Their main source of food is said to be the cattle. The pastoralists on Nepal produce milk from their pastured cows and they also use this in order to produce butter. In order to give praise to their god, they cook ceremonial breads which is made from butter and deep fried during the annual Nora festival. The Besery, on the other hand, climbs to the highland during the dry season in order to survive and find water.

Their government system is seemingly said to be patrimonial wherein man has a greater amount of authority. They do yarning and weaving and their primary source is said to be the sheep. In the United States, in the west coast of Canada, the people lives with fishing as their primary source of living but their way of fishing is on market way. Some of the Americans also live with farming and breeding animals as their source but these entire where also made in the market process. Almost their entire source of food and living is accompanied by technology and other easier market way.

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