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Fast Food and American Lifestyle

Fast foods begun as restaurants serving the wealthy however, as time passed by, fast food became a shortcut provider of traditional American cuisines especially those who do not have time to cook. The technologies invented after the World War greatly contributed to the concept of providing fast foods serving people who were busy working and needed quick, easy, convenient, portable foods (Bishop). Fast foods are served especially during the war where portable foods in canteens are delivered to the soldiers.

Much more, by the end of the war, various technologies were innovated such as the microwave oven and refrigerator used in restaurants for food preparation, distribution and preservation. Not only that, people began moving to the suburbs causing the increased on the number of families eating in fast food restaurants. People are working most of the time that’s why they prefer to eat fast foods instead of home cooked meals which take considerable time to prepare.

In modern fast food chains, fast food owners used strategies in inviting customers especially families, kids, and teenagers. Cartoon characters and other stuffs such as coloring books and stuff toys are adopted taunting more children to eat in their restaurants. Fast foods are also rampant not only in America, but also in other countries such as China and Japan where people eat their noodles for about two to three minutes only (Bishop).

The rapid change in the lifestyle of various cultures became the opportunity for US fast food industry. Different foods are served in order to satisfy the needs of customers such as low-fat foods, ready to cook foods available in almost every supermarket and grocery stores, hamburgers and fries in different sizes that can be eaten while driving or working, and vegetables and fruits prepared to suit different tastes.

Families used to sit on their table during dinner have enough time to discuss and mingle with each other. However, American lifestyle became busy and fast requiring people with quick and easy to prepare meals all the time.


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