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Fifty Years Ago

There are so many problems that confront those who are living in the 21st century. The problems of globalization and global warming are just some of the challenges that men and women face in the world today. Yet even with many difficulties there is no better time to be alive than in the present. One only has to look back and examine the events, technology and quality of life fifty years ago. By comparing the achievements of the people of past and the present and by comparing what is happening today to what has transpired fifty years ago, it would be easy to conclude that life is much better the new millennium than in the past century.

Dismantling of Nuclear Weapons Fifty years ago the world was gripped in fear. There was an ongoing Cold War between the Union Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States of America. It was a global war fought by proxies of the two nations. For the Soviets they had China, East Germany and North Korea while the United States supported nations like South Korea, West Germany, and Afghanistan. In two major proxy wars, mankind witnessed the negative consequences when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.

In the Korean War the bloodshed that was supposed to end in World War II was re-experienced once more. When the Vietnam War was its apex many were killed on both sides. In Afghanistan the reign of terror by the Soviet Union made life miserable for many local people. In the home front Americans lived in fear that by a mere push of a button their way of life could be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. People were paranoid enough to conduct drills in anticipation of World War III.

Bomb shelters were built in their backyard and billions of dollars were spent to improve the U. S. Armed Forces as well as its capability to thwart preemptive enemy strikes. The Cuban missile crisis is the best example of what could happen when the United States was pushed to the brink of nuclear war. Today, the USSR is no more. There is no rogue nation that has control of hundreds of nuclear warheads. The United Nations is also doing a great job when it comes to brokering peace in volatile corners of the globe.

More importantly the UN can use its influence to pressure a dictator or an extremist leader to back down and take a less threatening stance in order to preserve peace in a particular region. Although there are still many nuclear weapons that had to be dismantled and recycled, at least world leaders are in agreement that it would be in the best interest for all, that the number of nuclear weapons must be reduced significantly. Yet best of all, Americans are no longer living in fear, that their lives will suddenly end from a nuclear blast. Technology

Fifty years ago transportation and telecommunication technology was nothing compared to what people are using and enjoying today. Airplanes were not as fast, efficient and as safe as the new designs developed by Boeing or Airbus. As a result, if one decides to fly from New York to Paris, it would be a more pleasant ride than what was available fifty years ago. On the ground, cars are more fuel efficient today than they were decades ago. If Americans still used those big and gas-guzzling automobiles of the 60s then there would be no chance to curb global warming as well as reduce dependence on fossil fuel.

For long distances, locomotives were used in key cities in America. In the past coal-powered locomotives can move people and products across a lengthy stretch of land but it was very slow compared to the bullet trains used today. In other words one can travel faster in 2009 than in 1969. This means saving time while being able to accomplish much more. This is a good thing for entrepreneurs and a boon for businesses because the enterprise can achieve economies of scale. In other words the investor will be able to get his money back in a shorter period of time.

The company can increase its revenue by being able to sell high-quality but affordable products because this time the entrepreneur can afford to lower prices knowing that in the long run he can still make money through high-volume sales. Health Fifty years ago the idea of organic farming and natural foods were still at its infancy. Fifty years ago Americans and citizens from other highly industrialized countries were content in consuming processed foods and indulging in vices such as smoking and excessive consumption of liquor.

Today, these types of negative behavior can be easily corrected and those who used to be unaware of the dangers of cigarette smoke and effect of alcohol in their bodies can now consider an alternative lifestyle free from the effects of harmful chemicals. This means that people’s lives can be spared from the deadly effects of tobacco and alcohol abuse. Aside from being more aware about the nature of food processing as well as the consumption of harmful substances, those who are living in the present are fortunate to have access to cutting-edge technology that can help increase their lifespan.

Fifty years ago technology that can be used to perform high-risk operations such as hearth transplants and neurosurgery are not yet available. Today, due to the emergence of high-powered computer software and hardware, members of the medical profession are now able to perform sensitive operations while minimizing the damage that it can cause to the patient. Conclusion Without a doubt, to be able to live in the present is much better than living in the past. There are those who are saying that the environment was better fifty years ago.

On the other hand it an be argued that those who live in the past may have cleaner air but the problem is that they do not have access to information and technology that could free mankind from its dependence on fossil fuel. They could not free themselves from its addiction on crude oil. In other words, people who are living in 1950s may enjoy a healthier lifestyle but their dependence on fossil fuel and processed products leave them no choice but to continue using old technologies to sustain their way of life.

But those who are living in the 21st century can benefit from technological breakthroughs that allow them to change how to consume resources – to do it more efficiently as well as to help in sustaining the environment for future generations. The proponent of this study would like the audience to fully understand the importance of this newly discovered knowledge as well as the availability of new technology, for this has given us as the ability to solve problems that has plagued modern man. The impact of industrialization was well-known in the past but it seems that mankind is powerless to remedy the situation.

But with the advent of new technologies the same could not be said today. It is therefore an exciting time to be alive as this generation will create new products and new solutions to problems that can finally help ensure the survival of planet earth. Technologies like solar-powered electric cars, wind power technology to generate electricity, as well as breakthroughs in the medical field can help improve the quality of life. Thus, instead of reminiscing the past and feeling sorry for a world that is polluted and overpopulated, this present generation must rejoice because the future looks bright.

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