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Fire safety

What are the major responsibilities of fire marshals? Why is this role significant in statewide fire prevention, investigation, enforcement and fire safety? The major responsibilities of fire marshals, in general, are to effectively reduce fire incidents by implementing safety and security measures that based on the law or the fire code and to make the residents or the general public more aware of the basics of fire safety in their homes or business establishments.

Usually, fire marshals are the ones who conduct inspections on buildings and other commercial establishments to check if these buildings have followed the rules and regulations set by the fire code or the law. They may also investigate cases of fire code violations in buildings and establishments. In addition, they may also hold programs aimed at informing the public of fire safety and implementing measures that would help in the prevention of fire incidents. However, there are certain roles of fire marshals that differ in from another in several states.

For example, in certain states, fire marshals may or may not be assigned to actual field work such as firefighting and may only be strictly limited to investigating buildings for violations of the fire code. In other states, fire marshals undergo intensive police training because they are also tasked to investigate fire related crimes. Nevertheless, fire marshals play essential roles in statewide fire prevention, investigation, enforcement, and fire safety because they can help implement necessary measures on a local level.

In other words, they can help lessen bureaucracy and help narrow the area of jurisdiction that a case covers. For example, when a fire-related crime such as arson is committed and has spread across several states, fire marshals can help investigate the case in order to determine which area of jurisdiction it falls under. In short, fire marshals, particularly in criminal cases, help lessen the risk of involving different agencies that may otherwise impede the case or affect the efficiency of implementing fire prevention and fire safety measures.

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