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First World War robs

Erich Fromm believed that the First World War robs the human mind of its independent thought. He argued that the direction of progress of the powerful nations, such as the United States, towards maximum production and maximum consumption is a means of using man instead of using technology and development to build a new nation that serves man. His argument focused on economic interests leading and manipulating social and political processes that lead to barbarism and anarchy.

He believed that man should not be blindly controlled by these processes but the other way around, man should govern his society and economy building based on his social and cultural norms. In this way, man would be able to create a better society and push for a renaissance of humanism. Fromm has been a firm believer of humanism and individualism. This could be seen in his interpretation of the effects and influences of the First World War. The First World War have devastating effects on humanity because of its overemphasis on nationalism and its rejections of the idea of human sharing, communication and equality.

Fromm pointed out that there is a need to develop a concept of the One Man or the One World, which directs humanity to a shared belief of oneness with the world and each culture not a divided approach on humanity. This implied his strong belief on a Buddhist belief of the love of life and humanity, values that have been forgotten during the war because of an intense and passionate connection to the culture that a nation belongs to, forgetting that there are other people living in the world.

I believe that Fromm has a point that in building a new kind of humanity and nation, a culture needs to accept that it is not the only culture in the world. Fromm clearly stated his points and arguments. He has basis on his perspective although I believe that the world is not yet ready to face it, there is one point in the future that the nations will converge to become the One Man he believed will make our world more peaceful and more progressive.

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