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Focusing on Voyage

Focusing on Voyage as theme of three works of literature, the long journey of life is analyzed on the character of Quoyle, Prospero and Pi. Quoyle’s character in “The Shipping News” by Annie Proulx undergoes extreme changes and dynamic forces has been provided in his character that drives the story forward. having no confidence, he experiences extreme loneliness and misery at the beginning of the book and he always considers himself as a failure. in the entire novel, he grapples in a place where his family is made of loony murderers and cruel abusers.

His goal is to separate himself from this world and try to voyage into a Newfoundland whee he will be able to avoid turning into his family’s root and recover from all his traumas in life and break the chain of abuse casted by three generations of Quoyles in the novel. His transformation began as he made life changing moves on Newfoundland, this is his voyage into a new career where he was assigned to car wreck stories and the shipping news. Here he have to take courage facing his two great fears of Petal’s death and fear of water.

Quoyle has his own conviction about pain that it really dulls when he see that “other people suffer, as you suffer”. When he initiated writing about a ships profile, he moves from reporting about cars into having a column written by himself and this made him a worthy writer. This became a turning point for him as he voyaged from his old self to his Newfoundland where he was able to set a voice of his own instead of being trapp1ed with people’s opinion of him.

He was able to take great pride in his work and develop a sense of self-worth. Quoyle’s personality and character was an ultimate victory in avoiding misery. His voyage into life’s journey of separating himself from his family was achieved and his physical appearance which he consider as a chief failure save him from being catapulted overboard into the sea. He finally realize every time he looks at himself in front of the mirror that he is of great worth on this world.

In the character of Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, he spent 12 long years on an island where he refined the magic that gives him the power he needs in order to reconcile with his enemies. Being the duke of Milan and Miranda’s father he was forced to board a boat with his daughter by his brother Antonio who run his dukedom while he was away and devoting himself to learning magics. Good thing with the help of Gonzalo’s generosity, Prospero was able to survive from the books of magic being supplied by him.

Prospero’s character is really amiable he is a loving father, a fair leader, a benevolent man and a fair ruler. His point of view about one’s completeness lies on his voyage in the enchanted island. He was able to prove how a complete man of today was once an incomplete man of yesterday and how an incomplete man on today can become a complete and perfect man of tomorrow. His exile for years in the island made him rise above petty conspiracies that abounds in his royal party.

His journey on the island gave him solitary years to study more about magical arts and this enabled him to control and command nature’s phenomena around it. He calls on the tempest to destroy the royal ships and bring his enemies to him on the island. He is a dictator in the play controlling the moments and events that will occur. He never abuse his power and practice it in a way where justice and fairness is proven. He is a patient and forgiving leader because despite the fact that his brother stolen the kingdom away from him, he was able to forgive them.

He uses his enemies past sins by letting his past conspirators see them face to face and made them repent fr this. Voyage being the theme on this work of literature is a Journey towards new magical discoveries for Prospero and regardless of fear on what is waiting for him on that Voyage, he really contemplated on things and made him much of a complete man because of his noble heart where in the end, he gives up the use of his magic and prepared for a voyage to his own kingdom in Milan and resume the charge of his dukedom.

Yann Martel’s Life of Pi is also one good story that focuses on Voyage as its theme. it is a struggle to survive in a seemingly insurmountable odds. Each inhabitants of the little lifeboat from the shipwrecked don’t rely their life on fate itself. Instead, they actively fight against it. Pi being the main character abandons vegetarianism which he practices all life through. A life and death situation made Pi responsible in decision making. And in his discoveries and techniques he was able to survive that breath taking incident on the sea.

Survival in Pi’s voyage are too horrible to think. Anyone will go insane if faced on those acts that Pi witnessed on the sea. He re casted his account as an incredible tale about human like animals. At the end of the novel the real story was revealed that Pi had spent 227 days with other human survivors and there were no animals at all. It is Pi’s fantastical first-person account of life on the open sea. For him, the various versions of his story contains truth of different kinds.

He expresses here his own storytelling technique of bringing readers to his own voyage base on imagination that will linger longer to the minds of readers which is infinitely superior technique for him. The story of Pi’s life is more of discovering ways to cope up on a state of calamity where you have to hold on to your faith and drop those worries away. He motivates and empowers himself to take courage and succeed in the survival of the fittest. Life is a voyage and on the three works of literature, it simply shows us how voyage is interpreted on the characters of Quoyle, Prospero and Pi.

They are out for travel and their main quest is to discover the power that lies within themselves. Their stories gave realizations how each person was able to use determination and self assessment to confidently and evidently discover the true meaning of their life’s journey. Quoyle’s newfoundland gave him contentment and confidence. Prospero’s benevolence gave him completeness in his voyage on the island and Pi’s survival made him realize about the balance of nature.

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