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Folk Tale

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in the hilly tracts of Rocky Mountains in Canada. One of them was called Steve, and the other was called Mark. They studied in grade six of St. Joseph’s school, which was only a furlong from their neighboring houses. Steve was twelve years old, and had a stout body, while Mark was eleven, and was comparatively skinny. Steve was naughty, mischievous, and often liked to make fool of other people. He was so clever at speaking lies that his friends, neighbors as well as teachers would often believe him for his mendacity.

On the other hand, Mark was quite decent, honest and trustworthy boy. He was adored by everybody, and would get hugs as well as kisses due to his affectionate nature. Steve was not much interested in going to school, and would skip classes to move around the streets on his roller skates. He would continue with his mischievous acts by doing jaywalking, plucking the flowers from beautiful gardens of his neighbors, and teasing the pedestrians who would come in his way. He had no sympathy for the little children, or the elderly.

In contrast to Steve, Mark was good at studies, went to his school regularly, completed his assignments on time, and got good grades in all the subjects. Often, Mark would complete the assignments on behalf of his friend, Steve, but Steve could not get good grades due to his poor performance in the examinations. Being a good friend of Steve, Mark would give good advice to Steve to become more responsible, go to school regularly, do the assignments on his own, help the elderly, and to stop doing mischievous activities, which caused agony and suffering to the neighbors.

In spite of all those good suggestions from his buddy, Steve continued with his impish behavior, and soon became notorious among his friends, community and teachers. One day, Steve and Mark were returning to their home after their school had closed in the evening. Since it was a nice sunny day of the fall season, many people were walking on the streets- some had toddlers in the baby prams, some were holding their kittens in their arms, while some had taken their ferocious dogs for a jog.

Since Steve was always mischievous, he could not control his temptation to tease a Labrador dog, which was walking while tightly held in chains by the owner. The owner ignored Steve’s remark, but the dog barked at Steve. However, Steve did not stop teasing the dog even though his comrade, Mark, and the dog’s owner both warned Steve. Then, Steve picked up a small stone, and hurled it at the barking dog. This pestering act of Steve was intolerable to the ferocious animal, which lost its cool, fiercely pulled the chain from the clutches of the owner, and attacked Steve.

Steve was too small for the ferocious animal, and cried for help. Although Mark was skinny, he joined the fight to save his pal, Steve, from the monstrous animal. Now, the ferocious dog left Steve, and attacked poor Mark with all its fury. During the tussle, the dog bit Mark on his left leg until its owner took control of the dog. Fortunately, Steve did not get any injury, but he was horrified when he saw his friend, Mark, bleeding from his deep wound in the leg. This incident changed Steve into a completely different person, and he took Mark to the nearby hospital.

He narrated the incident to the doctors and nurses with honesty, and then took Mark to his home. He apologized to Mark’s parents, and admitted his fault. Seeing Steve change into an honest, caring and responsible boy, Mark’s parents gave hugs to both Steve and Mark. Steve took great care of Mark by holding his school bag, and accompanying him to the hospital for changing the bandage everyday. True friendship is not only about love, care, sincerity, and responsibility but also about sacrifice.

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