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Following Trends Versus Originality

In Vienna during the 1960s, a group of painters – displeased with changing trends in the fine arts – decided to use human bodies as canvases for their paintings. In the 1970s, a European female artist created a naked self-portrait of herself to shatter the stereotypical image of women constrained by society. It is not surprising, therefore, that the painters and photographers of Romania are nowadays enthralled by the human body as their subject. The Viennese artists were original in their approach, which is the reason why they have a following.

Indeed, when changing trends frustrate the artist, he or she must invent an original approach to feed the visual culture. After all, innovation is the mark of every popular movement in fine arts. In fact, openness to new ideas is the very best characteristic possessed by artists. Then again, followers of popular art movements are expected to develop their own approaches when things get boring for them. More importantly, as the experience of the Viennese artists reveals, it is possible to be simple albeit original.

Minimalism, too, has been a popular art movement, after all. Freyberger, Regina. “Moritz von Schwind’s Cinderella (1852–1854): The Beginning of Fairy Tale Painting and Aspects of Marketing Strategies in Germany’s Art Scene. ” Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide: A Journal of Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture (Autumn 2007). 10 Dec 2008. <http://www. 19thc-artworldwide. org/autumn_07/articles/frey. shtml>. The German artist, Moritz von Schwind, decided to be original when the German Crown and Church could no longer support the artists.

In the 19th century, Germany experienced an economic crisis that led Schwind to create his first fairy tale painting. Schwind’s original approach was successful. Soon, German artists were able to earn their living once again – following the trend that had been started by Schwind. The visual culture had been granted a new lease on life. Indeed, it is essential for artists to practice originality in their work when current trends do not support their art.

As the article shows, innovation is necessary in the arts when the artist believes in his or her worth as an artist, knowing that his artwork may very well be his or her source of living. People are often discouraged from revealing their uniqueness through artwork for the fear that they would not be accepted, simply because their artwork does not follow current trends. Schwind was brave enough to try something new. Indeed, being original requires courage. Belief in one’s giftedness as an artist is also quite important.

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