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Food – A Multicultural Feast

The very informative video about the history of some common foods found in the supermarkets and in our homes awakened my appreciation on the contributions of the immigrants and foreign explorers during the middle ages. The video vividly discusses the multi-cultural collection of foods around the globe. Every meal we partake is a contribution from many cultures that we may not be aware of. Many of these foods went from South and Central America to Europe and back to the US. Most delicacies are multi-cultural.

Foods that we consider ethnic are adapted to our taste. The food that we often eat and thought to originate in the United States like bread, hotdogs, hamburgers, cookies and donuts came from countries like the Middle East, Russia, and other European countries. Although donuts came from the Dutch, the Americans invented donuts with the hole in the middle. The influence of the immigrants and traders in our country is likewise valuable. Without them, we would not have a taste of chocolate, ice cream and sausages.

Our all time favorite pizza won’t be complete without its important ingredients like cheese, tomatoes and salami which mostly originated from Europe. We have to thank people from Naples for initiating the production of pizza. Today, there are a variety of pizza flavors all over the world that suits the palate of every consumer. Other than enlightening the viewers about the history of foods, the video also shows how people in other countries eat and the tradition that is usually observed in terms of their eating habit.

Now, we can understand about people’s manner of holding the utensils while eating. While having a meal with people of different cultures, we should not find it offensive to hear them slurp or to see them leave some foods in their plates. Salad may be the first or last course depending on whether one is from US or Europe. It may be a habit to take dinner at 6 or 7 in the evening but in Spain dinner is often served at 10 in the evening or later.

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