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For Richer or Poorer, to Our Visa Card Limit

According to the article by Jennifer Bayot on the above subject, getting married in a lavish manner has become a matter of pride for many. Gone are the days when people used to get married at City Hall in a simple manner. Now, most of the people having modest to low incomes tend to spend extravagantly on their marriages. They spend lavishly on bridal dresses, gifts and food. They like to display pomp and splendor of their marriage ceremonies. For this purpose, horse-drawn carriages are arranged to take them to their reception. Doves are released to display traditions of wealthier classes.

Sumptuous and luxurious marriage-feasts are offered to hundred of guests in a boastful manner. This has become an important part of the culture to extravagantly display self-importance and dignity on such occasions. People want others to believe that they belong to upper class of the society. Credit cards are frequently used to pay the huge bills, as their modest incomes do not allow them to be so generous. Consequently, they are plunged into huge debts. The impact of the pomp and vanity of this cultural trend in the society on a subsequent marriage is a debt-ridden life of the newly married couple.

They find it difficult to repay the marriage debt. It becomes impossible for them to save anything to buy a house or a car. These problems become more acute where their parents do not provide them with financial assistance. However, the business of credit counseling agencies does thrive as debt-ridden couples seek their advice for management of their marriage debts. It takes too long to pay off the debt. In some cases, it takes longer than the marriage lasts. Poorly planned spending on the marriage leads to a miserable life of the couple, which becomes rife with financial problems.

Some of them are already burdened with student loans. Paying off to the creditors becomes the main focus of their life. This also has an adverse impact on their behavior. They become intolerant to each other and mutual differences between them spoil their marital life. Consequently, some marriages also end in separation. In the circumstances stated above, I do not want to have a formal wedding. In our culture, the perceived cost of a wedding, which has been accepted as a standard, is too high to be afforded.

I have a modest income and have not been able to pay off my student loans as yet. It would be ruinous for my financial conditions to secure more loans to arrange a standard marriage ceremony. Presently, the global economic crisis has already compelled the people to reduce their spending. Growing unemployment has further deteriorated the situation. There is a lot of uncertainty about future. Most of the organizations are cutting jobs. What if I am fired by my employer because of the prevailing poor economic conditions?

I will be placed in a difficult position. Marriage is a serious business and does not come in person’s life every now and then. I will get married in accordance with the culture of the day no matter how much I have to spend provided that I am able to afford it. Whenever I will get married, I will make sure that it does not become an event displaying usual pomp of the society. At the same time, I will also make sure that I do not appear to be cheap. I will try to save a lot during the next few years to become able to afford spending on my marriage.

Even if it became necessary to secure debt for the purpose, I will pre-assess the financial impact of such debt on my married life. I will not hesitate in using credit cards to pay bills provided that I am able to pay the debt off. In any case, becoming indebted is never a good option for a person having a modest income. In addition to saving out of my existing job I will also try to spend some extra hours on doing an additional job to increase my savings. I find it far more prudent to work harder and longer to save more than to become indebted. I will not like to buy a marriage under any circumstances.

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