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Foreign Relations of the UAE

The United Arab Emirates have economic relations with neighboring countries (e. g. Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, etc. ), with Western countries and with the United States of America. Since the UAE are important supplier of oil in the world, many countries tend to establish friendly economic relations with them. Foreign relations of the UAE are based on respect of international conventions, dialogue, non-inference of international relations of other countries and commitment to the United Nations Charter.

The UAE has established economic relations with more than sixty countries as the USA, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, India, China and Western European countries. The UAE – the USA foreign relations are equally important for both countries. Relations between countries are bilateral, and the countries have established friendly relations including security assistance, private commercial ties, but, of course, petroleum and oil issues are the most important. The quality of relations between countries increased since the US campaign in Iraq aimed at putting an end to Iraq occupation of Kuwait.

Relations with Egypt are at a good level and they are constantly improving as economic and financial development of both countries is tourism-based. Political, economic and cultural ties between countries are growing, and the UAS often invest in Egypt’s development. Imports and exports are welcomed. Relations with Pakistan are extremely close as the countries share faith and have identity of interest. The UAE is the key donor of Pakistan’s economic assistance. The UAE and Pakistan are trading and economic partners. Further, relations with Iran are mainly economic ties as the UAE is represented by Iranian community as well.

Nevertheless, the UAE claim that three islands are not Iranian territory. Finally, relations with India are growing today because of huge Indian diaspora in the UAE, financial and cultural relations between countries. India is engaged in economically productive activities and has played crucial role in the UAE’s development. Works Cited Davidson, Christopher M. The United Arab Emirates: A Study In Survival (Middle East in the International System. USA: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2005. Heard-Bey, Frauke. From Trucial States to United Arab Emirates. UK: Longman Group United Kingdom, 1981.

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