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Forest conservation and preservation

Environment has for a long time been an issue and a subject of discussion. More precisely the management and use of the natural resources especially the forests has raised concern for a number of years therefore calling for the conservation and preservation programmes. For purposes of understanding conservation is human management of resources to ensure that natural system is maintained as it was prior to human interference. This can be construed to mean wise use of natural resources ensuring sustainability of the resources for future generation.

On the other hand preservation is the strictly setting aside of natural resources and protecting it from any kind of human interference at all. This means maintaining the natural resources as natural as possible. According to the Bridger Teton video it is clear that it is possible for human to harvest forest resources in an environmental friendly way. The video asserts that the environmental friendly technology can be employed by the energy companies to ensure that wise use of resources and proper conservation of the land takes place.

To concur with the Bridger Teton video the total bun of forest resources exploitation may not give the necessary returns to the society. It is for this reason that the video has advocated for proper conservation which includes the use of effecting replacement of the trees which have been cut with a greater number that the fallen ones. Consequently the persons responsible for the cutting down of the forests should have licences so that malicious people are barred from selfish gains emanating from filth forest destructions.

For the environmental friendly forest resources exploitation management programs like the ones advocated by the video are of paramount importance. This includes educational forums on the importance and dangers of unfriendly forest exploitation. References: Video (2007) Bridger Teton Video Learning Resource. Retrieved on August 24, 2010 from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/axia/sci275/multimedia/video/bridger_teton.

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