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Forestry through History

Until the demand for the usage of trees to cope with the need of people of tree-based products like paper and furniture, there has been no need of forestry because the naturally created forests were thriving. But since the resources are already depleting, people devised the art and science of managing the forest that leads to its conservation and reforestation of many places. Basically, the concept and the development of forestry have been constantly changing through history.

It is because; different countries or localities have to meet certain needs of people’s consumption of the forests resources. If before, the main reason for reforestation is environmental, it has changed through the years. The concept o aesthetic is also considered now and the unending need of people for the tree-based products that are also elevated to luxury. Before, forestry is encouraged to prevent the occurrences of natural disasters like flash floods, soil erosion and global warming.

This time, it is also used for breeding of tree species and prevention of possible extinction of certain species. Though the previous concepts are still employed to date, some forestry is already owned by major industries and has become more focused on economic benefits and operations in the use of forestry. However, one of the major concerns of modern forestry is reforestation.

Many forests are already being abused and destructed whether by natural calamities like typhoon and forest fires or by human intervention and detrimental practices. The managing the forest over the years may change in concept and the purpose but for certain reasons that people need to preserve and conserve their natural habitat is still the greatest reason. Reference Oosthoek, J. (_____. ) A Walk through the Forest. Environmental History Resources. Retrieved November 8, 2008 from http://www. eh-resources. org/walk. html

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