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France and Great Britain

The Second World War was primarily started by Germany. Nevertheless, Germany alone is not to blame and the role of France and Great Britain in the start of the war cannot be ignored. It is appropriate to blame France and Great Britain along with Germany in the WWII since these two countries gave Germany a ‘breeding ground’ for the war through appeasement. France and Great Britain went into an appeasement with Germany thus allowing Hitler to rebuild the army contrary to the Versailles Treaty.

The Treaty of Versailles had restricted Germany from having a big army and some of Germany’s land was given to other countries among other details in the Treaty. This Treaty was somewhat harsh and therefore the efforts of Hitler building the army secretly were not condemned by France and Great Britain since they saw it justifiable for Germany to protect herself. In addition, France and Germany did not stop Hitler from breaching the Versailles treaty as they were banking on a stronger Germany in prevention of rise of Communism in the West (History on the Net, 2009).

France and Great Britain are also to blame for the start of WWII since they never prevented Germany from invading Rhineland in 1936 citing that they were not ready for another war after WWI. France and Great Britain also never stopped Germany from forming union with Austria and instead they aided the union. This ensured continued violation of the Versailles Treaty. Hitler’s continued expansionism, against the Treaty, was enhanced by Neville Chamberlain’s, Britain Prime Minister, go ahead to take over Sudetenland in 1938.

Hitler went far beyond the agreement and invaded the whole of Czechoslovakia in March 1939 (History on the Net, 2009). At this point, France and Britain were sure that the appeasement had gone too far and to prevent Hitler from invading Poland, they declared war against Germany. It is then on September 1, 1939 that WWII started as France and Great Britain prevented Poland’s invasion by Germany. References History on the Net. (2009). World War Two: Causes. Retrieved 8, May 2010 from http://www. historyonthenet. com/WW2/causes. htm

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