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France crisis in the 18th century

The French crisis was between 1787 and 1789; it was during this time that France’s resources and wealth were limited due to the revolution that was underway. Lack of these resources changed France socially, economically and politically. In the palace, the guards worked in tattered clothes and loitered around the place uncontrollably, which meant there was lack of order in the palace. (Arthur. Y. 377) Poverty had stroked France; it was a palace with no beauty and some of the statues were in deplorable state In Paris the situation was pathetic that families who could not afford coaches could not survive there.

In Lourdes prisoners were kept in jail for life for crimes unknown to them and due to this most families were left in misery and some died of despair. While those with money had well built and comfortable farming cottages surrounded with very beautiful gardens, there compounds well enclosed with well maintained grasses. This was a big gap between the rich and the poor in Paris and Pau. (Arthur, Y. 375) When you move further to Combourg life there was a bit different but poverty still existed among the Huron’s inhabitants, which was enclosed.

Huron’s were very brutal people and were very wild; they lived in mud houses with no windows. Economically the Chateau country was beautiful and situated on the river, a good attraction for travelers. But this site was not of help to the people because of poor communication and ignorance. Pau was also considered a better town in France as it had a linen manufacture. While the streets of Paris were disastrous the streets were now narrow and this made it even impossible for well-dressed women and men to pass. The horses were a nuisance as the streets were very dangerous compared to London where they had better facilities.

Due to limited resources to cultivate their land, many people were malnourished and some town people were charged heavy taxes. (Arthur, Y. 378) Their politics revolved around two kingdoms, which did not care about the areas or the towns affected. They even allowed the capitaineries to occupy lands and this people were a dreadful scourge to all occupiers of that land. (Arthur, Y. 400) In certain districts the kings understood their paramount ship and put the capitaineries in possession of the property of all game.

The peasants were denied manorial rights and the capitaineries took charge. The capitaineries destroyed the peasant’s crops and some of them also killed. To support and protect their children they demanded the destruction of all capitaineries and various kinds of game. (Arthur, Y. 402) Conclusion The countrywomen in France worked harder than men. Hard severe labor destroyed every appearance and when you met a twenty-eight year lad you would make the mistake of thinking she was in her seventies because their figure and face had been hardened by the hard labor.

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