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High School

Joshua Dickerson passed away on [DATE], the victim of a tragic fire at his store in Florence, NC. He is survived by his wife, [NAME], and his two daughters, Elsie [AGE] and Anna [AGE]. A memorial service will be held this coming Sunday at High Hope... read more

Challenged Athletes Foundation

Jessica Smith, beloved family member and well-respected psychologist, passed away on December 12, 2008 after battling an extended illness. Jessica dedicated her life to the realization of her dreams. She selflessly loved her family and cherished th... read more

Objective Moral Facts

Constructivists, realists and relativists have debated on the issues of independence or variability of moral facts. Moral realists claim that moral truths and facts are objective. Moral facts are said to be objective because their nature and existe... read more

Censorship of obscenity in the US follows

State and local laws cover nudity, vulgar language, and sexual acts in the confines of bars. Most localities allow a broad range of activity as long as liquor is not being served or customers are not touching the performers. Pour alcohol, however, ... read more

Obscenity and Censorship in American

Obscenity exists in all forms of media; television, radio newspapers, magazines, movies, books, bars, theater, and the internet all have various forms of obscenity, and various forms of Government censorship attempting to prevent it. This paper wil... read more

Actors, Roles, and Relationships

For any play/motion picture/television program to have any dramatic power, there must be a goal certain amount of conflict. That is, the character must have a certain need that must be filled. However, if there was nothing standing in the way of ac... read more

Objective Features of Fine Art

In general, Aristotle’s work, “Poetics,” discusses his own accounts, ideas, and principles on poetry and how poets should craft their respective works or poems. He generals expounded on the basis of poetry, specifically its various components... read more

Organized Sport

Organized sports refer to a structured design and implementation of a game requiring the involvement of coaching roles, game play rules, laws, and policies, supervision, use of facilities and equipment, and such. It is not only a source of entertai... read more

Observation Report

Site Visit Information: Secondary School was chosen because as we know nowadays, teenage students are very competitive. This is also to know how they behave and learn inside their classroom. Site Visit : Secondary school near city area. Site Visit ... read more

Observation In Iraq

This observational research of a person from Iraq reveals that the behavior exhibited can be classified as of the Type A. the individual observed portrays aggressive motor skills. This is exhibited in impatience and a high arousal of hostility on l... read more

Observation at a Bar

Communication is simply defined as the exchange of information from the speaker to the receiver. The nature of the information can be words, body language, tone of voice and nonverbal cues. It is as two way process. First is the transfer of the inf... read more

Different methods of interaction

It is our exposure on different methods of interaction that people begin to realize the significance of how society affects our view of reality. By understanding this perspective, it can help us gain necessary insights on how outcomes are achieved ... read more

Problems experienced when recording and analyzing observation of a group interaction

Recording and analyzing observation of a group interaction is accompanied with certain problems. For instance, less information is obtained. While carrying out the observation of a group interaction, the non-dynamic interchange between the members ... read more


I am used to observing people, children included. It's one of my favorite past times. This particular child that I observed was with his family one Sunday morning at a park near our place. He was white and about 2 years old or less. Just like most ... read more

JIT system

Just in time was developed by the Japanese in the nineteen seventies as a philosophy for problem solving. One of the reasons the Japanese created the JIT system was related to “the lack of space in their country” (Aghazadeh). Just in time has e... read more

Operation Ajax of 1953 and Its Effect on American-Iranian Relations

The paper focuses on the events of the 1953 in Iran known as the coup d’etat or Ajax. There is analysis of all the interested political forces involved. The American, British, and Soviet influence and intervention in domestic affairs of Iran befo... read more

Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm

When Iraq invaded Kuwait on malicious claims that it was drilling oil diagonally tapping into the oil reserves of Iraq, Saddam Hussein believed that the United States would not intervene because it was an Arab issue, and for this reason the unites ... read more

World War II: Operation Torch

After the invasion of Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces, it became evident to both American and British governments that Hitler and Nazi Germany had to be defeated quickly. To do so speedily, the allies had to come together and fight side by side if ... read more

Observation Reports

Did the teacher engage and support all students in learning? If so how? Yes, the teacher used intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the learning process. The teacher conducted classroom activities which makes the students appreciate the value of th... read more

Observation focuses

Did the teacher engage and support all students in learning? If so how? The teacher engaged and supported her students at an individual level. Students were asked to answer set questions from their exercise books. The teacher instructed the student... read more

Obsession with the past: Love Cannot be Forgotten

The essay Love Cannot Be Forgotten has been written by Zhang Jie and explores the author’s present as a reflection of her past (Jie). In the essay Love Cannot Be Forgotten, Zhang Jie begins by narrating to the reader perhaps one of her most deepe... read more

Obscene Publications

Described as the culmination of a “long struggle between the Home Office” and reformers, the Obscene Publications Act 1959 is a compromise between those two factions. The 1959 Act aims to purports to protect the integrity of literature, “and ... read more

Renaissance man

Today, any kind of renaissance admirer basically knows about Baldassare Castiglione’s sprezzatura, and the geniuses Leonardo da Vinci and Lorenzo the Magnificent. Given that these great men were coincidentally born in Florence, many have assumed ... read more

Flores Magón

Anarchism is defined as a political belief wherein societies have no government, no laws, no police and no any other authority. An anarchic system believes that there should be an independent and free association of all its members, thus the absenc... read more

Florence Nightingale’s Principles for Nurses

Many patients who visit the hospital come in due to an emergency or period of crisis. The nurse then serves as a facilitator of learning so that the patient may acquire the necessary knowledge and information that are geared towards health promotio... read more

Florence Price: A Distinguished Composer

Many contemporary scholars in the Arts of Music recognize the situation that African music became popular in the music industry for its historical lyrics and the message it convey strikes the audience heart. Most of this song is communal activity. ... read more

Florence Renaissance Compassion

Turner’s ideas on Michelangelo’s David are very specific in its placement in front of the Palazzo della Signoria. The main elements Turner believes, that supported the statues presence at the Palazzo were mainly business or economics of Florenc... read more

The Concluding Rites of Sherman Alexei’s Novel

Today, I would wish to begin my presentation not with a greeting, but with a question: “Is man by nature good or evil? ” You must be wondering, “What does human nature have to do with our topic? ” So before I move on and answer that questio... read more

The Ironies of Religious Hypocrisy in O’Connor’s Short Stories

Flannery O’Connor has a distinctive way of shocking readers about the underlying morale of her stories through their dark and unsettling endings. Sources argue that O’Connor’s sense of twisted understanding of receiving grace can be related t... read more

Work Flexibility in the European Union and United Kingdom

The work landscape changed drastically in the past few years. It has become more demanding and hectic. Competitiveness of employees is measured by their adaptability to new work trends and applications, skill and continuous update of knowledge. Lon... read more