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Free Throw Shooting

This paper is talking about Free Throw Shooting as a sport skill; first, we should understand how important free-throw shooting is for most sports games. All games schedule will be determined by free-throw shooting. In Free Throw Shooting, player should develop a ritual where he does it the same exact way every time. In this paper we will focus our interests on Free Throw Shooting while playing basketball. In this paper we will discuss Free Throw shooting as having mental part and physical part, the mental part deals with your mindset as you go into the motion of making the shoot.

We will continue our discussion by talking about muscle toning or really building up strength for specific muscle groups that would give you the lift in making the shot for and bonus point from the line or just making both shots after the foul. We will analyze the research paper to a number of elements through which we will discuss the subject of current research; we will take about player’s body, physical conditioning, strength training, and basic shooting techniques.

We then will make an evaluation of free throw skill with respect to techniques, shooter free throw performance, skill sheet, and Free throw improvement recommendations. Finally we will propose our own shooting grip and shooting form. Free Throw Shooting I. Introduction In basketball, player must focus on the basket and stop looking at the ball or the flight of the ball; there are always rules ruling this skill, because it is part mental and part physical, but how can this affect the goals and results?.

Field-goal and free-throw percentages are the number one statistical factors related to winning. Players and coaches need to realize the importance of scoping, to know correct shooting techniques, and to practice these skills properly. Free-throw shooting is especially critical for the following reasons: it is a mental as well as a physical technique (confidence is important), the game stops during the skill, and little improvement has been seen in free through percentage for over 35 years. But how do we improve the skill of both mental and physical?

What is the basis on which the player can follow in sports such as basketball to achieve a better level of Free-throw shooting? Of course, it requires many skills and ways of fitness, in addition to focus on the points below other. For some players, it is a mental issue; they are otherwise good shooters, but for some reason they cannot convert from the free throw line. If we want to analyze the situation for the two mental and physical parts, we can say that the mental part deals with your mindset as you go into the motion of making the shoot.

In so the mental part has a leading role on performance, which requires the player to focus fully on the skill and not the tool he may use. On the other hand, muscle toning or really building up strength for specific muscle groups that would give you the lift in making the shot for and bonus point from the line or just making both shots after the foul. A simple routine with good shooting mechanics is the key to good free throw shooting. Have players do the same thing every time: if one player is comfortable when she bounces the ball three times, takes a deep breath, and then shoots, have her do that all the time.

Another player might be more comfortable taking only one dribble. The key is to always keep the same routine. Because the shooter has time during a free throw, he should place his hands behind the ball in the same place every time. II. Body A. Shooting Free Throw The coherence and harmony of the body moves is the key to improving the skill of free throw shooting, which may depend on multiple elements. We can summarize a few of them as follow: 1. Physical Conditioning 2. Strength Training 3. Basic Shooting Techniques 1- Physical Conditioning

The distinguishing characteristic of this kind of exercises is that it is considered as a structured activity specified to develop and maintain physical fitness. Physical conditioning represents one’s development of physical fitness through the adaptation of the body and its various systems. The first step in training is physical conditioning; this went along with relearning the fundamentals of football, building skills, and installing the offensive and defensive systems. By contrast, poor physical condition leads to fatigue.

It is vital that individuals practicing basketball, or any other sport, have an understanding of the key components of fitness and the physical demands to achieve a well built body which can achieve better performance and the exercise of the most difficult skills such as free throw shooting. The sport in which you are involved dictates the relative benefits of each fitness component. In free throw shooting, the benefits should be depending on its validity for the game you practice. With proper physical conditioning a player can improve his output considerably.

Total conditioning equips players to perform at a high level throughout an entire game, for an entire season. How player respond to this conditioning challenge is a test of their work ethic, competitiveness, and reliability. From there, conditioning must become part of practice sessions to ensure that teams stay in shape throughout the season. 2- Strength Training Free-throw shooting is considered to be a technically and psychologically challenging task. It demands a high level of focus and control over body processes. It also requires hard training to reach that level of focus.

What player really needs is not the normal training; here he may be in need to keep daily training or what we can call, Strength Training. The famous global cyclopedia “WIKIPEDIA” gives us a well defined definition of what we call strength training, to be “it is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles”. So, to keep practicing strength trainings you need to keep in mine some essentials concepts, such as endurance, contraction skeletal muscles etc. The training program should be based on the principles of periodization.

Typically, periodization is a planned variation of acute training variables which are manipulated to bring an athlete to maximal strength and power for a single competition. However, in contrast, to a power lifter or weight lifter, in whom training is focused on peaking for a particular competition that normally culminates the training program, the basketball emphasizes peak performance throughout the season and needs to begin the season in peak condition. Furthermore, the basketball player needs to maintain this level of condition throughout the competitive year.

In addition, the basketball player needs to train multiple components of fitness. The training program needs to be developed with the understanding that concurrent training may affect maximal performance gains. Therefore, to maximize the training effects, a proper manipulation of these various stimuli must be performed. 3- Basic Shooting Techniques Shooting is the most important fundamental technique in the game of basketball. Regardless of how well a team does everything else, if it cannot score points it will not be successful.

The offensive fundamentals of passing, dribbling, and rebounding may enable a team to get shooting opportunities, but then players must be able to make the shot. Shooting also is the most enjoyable and most practiced fundamental in the game of basketball. Everyone wants to become a better shooter. It is exciting to score points. All players dream of making the game-winning basket or being the leading scorer on their team, but it takes hours and hours of practicing the correct shooting fundamentals to develop the ability to score under pressure.

Every player in the team need to know every thing about the correct fundamentals he may need to be successful for a variety of shots. Great shooters usually get more playing time because coaches always want players that can stretch out the defense. Before attempting to shoot, player must make sure he has his basic set-up done right. In rare cases, players with relatively weak shooting proficiency but exceptional athletic talent or a unique set of skills can contribute tremendously to their team in other facets of the game.

All other players must develop an accurate and consistent shot. Good shooters force the defender to cover him tightly, which opens up the floor for the offensive to operate. Shooting is a skill that can be practiced alone. Once a player understands correct mechanisms applied to his own shot, all he needs is a ball, a basket, and an eagerness to improve. It is helpful, however, for a player to also practice shooting under game conditions, including the pressure situations that occur late in the game. A partner can help provide defensive pressure.

1. Evaluation To be able to make a sound and comprehensive evaluation for the performance of the player of the Free Throw Shooting skill, we must be going through several stages, examine each element and sentencing our evaluation. Through this assessment we will be subject to the following elements: 1-Techniques 2-Evaluate shooter free throw performance 3-Skill Sheet 4-Free throw improvement recommendations 1-Techniques Free throw shooting should be one of the simplest actions in sports, there is no physical contact, jumping or twisting involved.

It is a consistent action in that the free throw is always taken 15 feet from the fact of the backboard, which is 10 feet above the floor, and there is never anything between the player and the basket. The basketball is standardized and has a weight of 21 ounce, a circumference of 30 inches, and a diameter of 9. 7 inches. The rime is standardized and has an inner diameter of 18 inches, review figure 1 above. Players found, however, that free shooting was not as simple as it appeared.

Statistics obtained from U. S men’s college basketball since the 1970s showed a consistent average free throw shooting percentage of 69%. Also, 20 to 25% of a team’s scoring was from the free-throw line. 2-Evaluate shooter free throw performance Players’ performance differentiates under many reasons; reasons may vary from one group to another, from game to other, but still there are several characteristics that define good performance and poor performance of players’ or shooters.

The study of expert performance is not concerned only with the ultimate limits of performance, but also with earlier stages of development through which every future performer needs to pass. There is now research emerging on how future expert performer will acquire initial and intermediate levels may be an appropriate goal for people in general and for systems for general education (e. g. recreational athletes, patrons of the arts). However, knowing how to achieve certain goals is no guarantee that people will be successful, as we know from studies of dieting and exercises.

On the other hand, when the goal is truly elite achievement, the study of expert performance offers a unique source of data that is likely to help us understand the necessary factors for success, including the social and motivational factors that push and pull people to persevere in the requisite daunting regimes of training. 3-Skill Sheet It is a way to register player progress in such skill; skill sheet helps observer or coaches to follow player skills during the lesson. The coach will be responsible of explaining all key components and proper techniques to the player before starting his game.

The player will be required to perform all the skills correctly along with its key components. After coach collects all needed information on his players, he can take advantage of it to develop practice plans that interest in improving their weaker skills while enhancing their stronger skills. 1- Free throw improvement recommendations If you need to improve you free throw shooting skill so let’s learn some technical habits as recommendation that can help in improving your performance.

Walk into the locker room and on the black board write the word habit. Say to your players something like this: “you see this five letter word? A habit is something that you repeat so often that it becomes automatic for you. You don’t have to think about it. It becomes a part of your games, a part of your life. Self-motivation is expected, especially among professionals. After all, we were all apparently driven enough to excel at some aspects of the game, be it playing or coaching, or else we wouldn’t be here.

Players and coaches should never suffer from a shortage of drive to compete and do their best. Team motivation is another matter. Generating and maintaining team-wide motivation involves promoting enthusiasm and energy throughout your roster. This can be difficult, especially when a team is going through hard times, and many a coach has hung up his hat because he could no longer motivate his team to come together to play their best. Of course, a negative psychological force can be just a damaging as a positive one can be inspiring.

Prolonged shooting slumps, discord among coaches and players, injuries, and a hot of other setbacks that we all experience in our careers can wreak havoc on an individual’s psyche and prove disastrous for team spirit. III. Conclusion In this final paragraph of my paper, we will offer a brief description of my shooting grip and shooting form. Shooting process in basketball can be considered an art and a science at the same time, because it focuses on finely tuned hand-eye coordination rather than gross motor skills, at the same time it involves multiple mechanical processes as trajectory of the ball in flight, velocity, and perception.

When someone speaks about himself, he may find it difficult to express his own interests, but if I need to speak about my own form of my shooting grip I can say that I may need to strength some skills to promote my shooting grip, and because athlete skills are always difficult to be adjusted on an individual basis, I can express my need to follow training under the supervision of an experienced coach, I need to restyle my shooting plan inside pitch, also need to develop skills that excel me on the others, because I am talented in shooting, I can use my hands in gripping the ball properly.

The most important thing in gripping that deserves player interest is his fingers. The fingers of the shooting hand should be spread comfortably in order not to slip the ball easily; this also can help you to develop proper shooting form and techniques. Any one who plays basketball can confirm that hands are the main challenge in playing; the same could be for achieving or performing skills such as free throw shooting.

So we can conclude this paper by emphasizing the importance of physical fitness physically and mentally to achieve the best performance of the player, whatever the game he play and whatever the skill he try to practice, even t is our free throw shooting skill. Bibliography References used in the paper: IV. Basketball Skills & Drills, Jerry V. Krause/ Don Mayer/ Jerry Mayer, page 96 V. Coaching youth basketball, David G. Faucher, head coach, Dartmouth college men’s team. Page 70 VI. What takes to be 1VINCE LOMBARDIO, JR. page 179 VII.

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