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Fruit of the Spirit

As Christians we need to understand what Holy Spirit is all about, the Holy Spirit also called the Holy Ghost is the spirit of God. The name Christ meaning anointed also refers to the Holy Spirit. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is a concept which Christ talks about in the New Testament especially in Galatians chapter five where He mentions the different fruit of the Holy Spirit ( Gal 5:19-23) as “…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control..

” In reference to Galatians the Lord relates to an end product which someone is suppose to observe. As Christians we need to observe these in our everyday lives, we need to love those who are not well, our friends and our families. This love should be unconditional as the bible states the virtues of love in 1cor. 13:4-8a. We also need to show joy and peace to our friends also. Joy is the inner happiness of a person and if it is exercised the bible tells us it will fulfill other fruits of the Holy Spirit.

At times we have friends and families whom are sick or lame, we need to endure to them i. e. exercise the fruit of patience. We also need to have self control inorder not to hurt our friends when they annoy us, and kindness should be also a fruit we need to exercise because we need to show friendlier to every one. (Chapman, 2006) In my day to day live, I belief I have the ability to be patient, I also can be a good joy and peacemaker and besides I have been able to demonstrate gentleness in my work.

However, I have not achieved much so much in self control because I remember being annoyed when my brother interfered with my Computer, I also have not been so good in loving everyone. I need to perfect in my prayer life as well as reading the Word which the bible says we must pray expectantly and with faith but not arrogantly, we this we will establish the holy spirit in us. Laurance (May 1999) says that prayer is making a medical comeback. I also need to put into action these fruits of the Holy Spirit because the Bible says Faith without Action is dead.

If I could practice on one particular fruit everyday, I know I will perfect myself in keeping the fruits of the Holy Spirit especially in healing and peace amongst ourselves. Reference: Chapman, E. (2006) The caregiver meditations, October Hill Press, 1st Edn .Holy bible: New International Version Laurance, J. (May 1999) The science of prayer and healing: Relevance to Physical Disability, Newsletter. Leon, J. (2004 July, 1) Questioning Healing prayer, News Journal

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