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Fuddy Meers – Production Critique

The production of the play “Fuddy Meers” is a splendid one. Audiences were all grateful for watching the film. Everything is well set including the entire cast, set designs, sound effects, lightning, acting and directing. Overall, the production is well organized and made viewers tucked in their respective seats until the end of the show. Generally, the concept of the story will entice viewers since it explores various aspects of amnesia in a person’s life. It leads viewers to questioning because of the flash backs and flash forwards techniques of the story.

There are surprises in the story that is revealed one each scene. It depicts many things about life and the message that the director wanted to imply was clearly delivered by actors and actresses as they perform on stage. The sanity of the world where people live in is also shown in the play with much craziness and reality. It shows how this world is insane, filled with crazy people and how reality and realities made people happier each day. The story made the production more interesting plus the fact that actors and actresses materialized their roles very well.

The lines were delivered with full emotions and viewers can find themselves as if they were part of the big picture. Claire’s character in the play dominated the scene because of her psychogenic amnesia. Such condition made her memory erased every night before going to sleep. The performance of the actress who played Claire’s part is superb since she manages to put into life the difficulties of having such condition. The same goes with the rest of her family members because most of them are trapped in a condition which they never wished to happen.

There are issues left unsolved and aspirations not achieved which proves how dysfunctional their family is. But regardless of the complexities, the director of the play proved in the end that there is nothing impossible for Claire’s family because their conflicts were all solved. The story is like a roller coaster ride for the audience since they joined the cast with the bumps and humps in their lives. One moment they are sad and the next thing they are happier on the scenes provided on stage. The set is also designed with full effort and made the scenario more appealing to the viewer’s eyes.

The lightning effects also works best because it jives with the emotion of the characters on each scene presented. The sound effects and musical background endows intense feelings that allows viewer to reconnect with the emotion of the characters. The acting of actors and actresses made viewers convinced that being in that kind of family is never easy. Having a kind of life like Claire is hard to deal with in real life but the play mad viewers understand that no trouble is left undone as long as family works altogether. This play is a combination of emotions and ideas which was clearly seen on the characters acting performance.

The director’s technique was proven by means of the total theatre performance. The story made viewers engaged in the sweet, dark and engaging comedy presentation. The transition of each scene is artistically done. There are twists and turns in the play that brought Claire closer to revelation of her past life and all the things that she forgot because of her amnesia. Although there are brutally honest revelations on the woman’s life, she was able to regain her memory amidst the bizarre characters around her. Deciphering a fractured life is never easy for an amnesiac but the character of Claire prove viewers that nothing is impossible in life.

While Claire is searching for answers, each scene is presented with outstanding blockings of actors and actresses on stage. They effectively delivered their dialogue and allowed each other to be seen fully through excellent blockings. There are poses made to emphasize the one who is speaking and it works well with the spotlight which puts more focus on the one talking on stage. The genre of the play was felt by the audience on their seats because they can feel the emotions by the help of the background music, exchange of dialogues and facial expressions of the characters.

Characters acting was superb especially the actress who played the part of Claire. Her character is really hard to portray since the person to do the role should b well rehearsed and must be seen with dominating image. Good thing the actress who is on stage manages to deliver all the lines with full conviction and she really made it to sound and act like a real amnesiac. She looks persuasive in creating life on her character and battling against her condition. There are scenes in the play wherein the characters speak with abnormalities. This may be considered a difficult part of the play because of the “stroke talk” and lisping.

But instead of getting bored and being pissed off by the lisping languages, audience find themselves laughing because the dialogues were delivered wit passion and energy. Those kind of talks are the highlights of the show because it just prove how credible the actors and actresses are for playing the role of their respective characters. The puppet with a potty mouth is a bonus to the show. It made the ambiance more comical and funny because it adds a lot to the show. It is as if a real person while talking to the audience and other characters. This is a good technique because the audience will feel as if they are also part of the story.

It is like a journey that brings audience the chance to feel the condition of the characters while watching and gives them different emotions. The plot spins out of control. First it shows the beginning part and the next scene it shows the last such technique connects scenes after scenes in a manic way. Juts like the mood of the whole story, it will drive audiences to craziness and wildness but eventually end up being happy and enlightened. It talks about pivotal moments of Claire and her family who were all defined not only by their dysfunctional conditions but also with the conflicts and solutions that they made.

The set design made the story more interesting since it appears like a cartoons. The movements of some characters are fascinating like the limping man for example. The manner of speaking can easily be adopted by viewers especially the younger ones. Audience often imitates what they have watched on screen and the stroke talk might be one of those things that can be copied. The costumes along with the props were all organized and match the characters and scenes. The play is focused not only on the condition of Claire and her family. It is also a means of surviving amidst the distorted world where one is surrounded by bizarre characters.

It is more of survival of the fittest since the main character tries to gather the pieces of her memory. The staging of the play was really provocative because the sound effects always supports the scene and is very helpful in helping audiences predict the next scene. The lighting strategy also highlights important parts of the play and to indulge audiences in the comic genre. After watching the play, audiences will find themselves not only entertained but also enlightened. It gives out lessons in life about conditions, family life and quest for one’s identity.

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