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Fulton’s Ice Land

The idea of Fulton’s Ice Land offer public skating is very good and could yield more positive results if the right programs are created. Although the thought of advertising the sessions in a rock station seems to entice many people, the results were rather disappointing. Aside from focusing on the Friday and Saturday sessions, he can also add other programs that could generate income and at the same time could increase the number of people skating. The article mentioned that Fulton’s Ice Land already hosts figure skating clinics.

He can also improve on this to produce more people that know how to skate. He can also add perks for students when they attend the Friday and Saturday sessions. Friday and Saturday sessions are the most problematic aspect of the case and Steve’s main problem would be the lack of effective “skater magnet” programs. I think the fact that no one even responded to the free skating session offer suggests that the target audience of the radio station does not reflect the teen skaters population.

Although Steve had already invested in radio advertising he has to cut it off. The music would definitely have to stay because it makes the environment more vibrant for the skaters. Another creative program that Steve can implement is having “themed Friday and Saturday sessions”. This would provide a ball-like setting in which couples and youngsters dance around in costumes. This might cause an increase in expenditures when it comes to props and designs but it’s worth the try.

When the word is spread this can also increase the number of skaters. Steve could also arrange for couples-only skating which extends to a much later time so that they can stay when the younger teens go home. This gives the couples more time and even group of friends older than 14 to enjoy without being bothered by the youngsters. During this time, Steve can still apply the themes from the earlier part of the day.

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