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Funding allocation for the Obama Administration

As the leader of the recently established young government administration, President Barack Obama’s governance of the entire United States of America is indeed facing a huge challenge and responsibility for the people as well as to the whole American country. As such, President Obama’s administration is at the stage wherein the people and entire country, as well as the whole world, are watching for the next political movements after the recently concluded election last November. Thus, all eyes are now on the track of following the progress of the new United States government whether the previous Senator, now the U.

S. President, Barack Obama is adhering to his political platforms which he has presented to his constituents and to the whole world during his campaign for the 2008 U. S. presidential election. Allocation of funds is seen to be one of the vital areas of concerns wherein President Barack Obama and his administration must consider. Formulation of the development plan is necessary prior to the actual allocations of the budget in order to ensure the facilitation of priorities that are badly needed by the entire country and the people for the succeeding years to come.

In this regard, it seen that the one of the foremost areas or plans that the administration of the new U. S. president-elect Barack Obama is to render greater funding allocation in empowering and strengthening the nationwide security system of the entire United States instead of placing the people’s taxes in making powerful military forces to initiate war, more especially in the countries under the suspicion of nurturing international terrorist groups and initializing weapons of mass destruction.

With the fact that the act of employing war or any other forms of violence in resolving conflicts, or just simply to say as an act of patriotism, is not as effective and significant as it is believed to be. Thus, empowering military forces and funding more with wars in order to battle the issue of terrorism is not the way to do it. Instead, strengthening and modifying the nationwide security system in the United States is regarded as the most probable and effective way to fight terrorism and put a stop to any outside forces who want to disseminate violence and harm the American people.

With an estimated $810 billion funds that has been directly allocated in the U. S. Department of Defense since the year 2001, the outcome and the cause of national budget is not as brilliant and helpful for the society as well as in the lives of the people (Rankin). Nonetheless, with more or less $810 billion, there are better ways to spend the U. S. national funds for worthy causes such as strengthening and modifying the nationwide security system that would most probably enhance the U.

S. national defense and protect the people as well as the entire American nation from any violence and terror assaults. Moreover, President Obama’s Administration should also consider and allocate more funds to the projects that would strengthen and regain the country’s financial strength and global economic stability in order to resolve the fiscal recession that United States has been experiencing since the early stages of this year.

Thus, the Obama Administration must allocate funds to programs that would strengthen and enhance the international relations of the United States with other countries in the world to pave the way for strong trade associations in order to once again empower the financial sector of the country. In addition to this, allocating more funds for the implementation and enhancement of the national alternative energy in order to reach the demand of country for power is another positive approach to lessen and or resolve the financial crisis which the country has been experiencing.

With this, the independence of the United States from oil would most probably lessen the country’s expenditure in importing crude oil to support the nation’s demand for energy that could further strengthen the national financial plan. Likewise, independence from oil usage could most probably pave the way for stronger financial stability due to lower expenditure for energy production. Thus, such allocation could as well generate employment for the locals and further improve the excellence of the country with biotechnology.

Furthermore, it can also be said that allocating more funds in enhancing and reorganizing the development for national sports excellence is at a worthy cause for Obama’s Administration and indeed an important aspect of the national budget. With the current results in the conclusion of the 2008 Beijing Olympics wherein the United States has only settled in the second spot after China in garnering the greatest number of gold medals in the competition, it is important for the country to hone the skills of the athlete to achieve a greater degree of achievement in sports (2008 Medal Tally).

Thus, President Barack Obama and his administration must also realize that there is a great significance in establishing superiority and domination in the global sports for the country for this would equally serve the countries’ capabilities and expand the areas where the country excel in. In this regard, instead of establishing the U. S. global domination through war and spending most of the national budget in funding such activities, the enhancement and development for the national sports program is indeed a better way to convey the excellence and power of the United States and showcase capabilities as well as the talent of the Americans.

In the end, with the above written facts and information, it can be said that the primary directions for the funding allocations that the Administration of President-elect Barack Obama must prioritize the programs that have direct results to the current situation of the country and have more positive outcome in the lives of all the Americans, and of the millions of people who rely in the United States.

Nonetheless, the aforementioned allocations of funds for President Obama’s Administration are indeed a better way to resolve the current issues and problems that the country is facing that could most probably pave the way in making a difference in the U. S. Governance. Works Cited Rankin, Kyle. What Iraq, Afghanistan, and the War on Terror Has Cost. (19 Seoptember 2008) Black and White Program. 12 December 2008 < http://blackandwhiteprogram. com/report/what-iraq-afghanistan-and-the-war-on-terror-has-cost-2> 2008 Medal Tally. ABC Grandstand Sport. 12 December 2008 < http://www. abc. net. au/olympics/2008/results/medaltally/>

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