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Funding inequities in American schools

It is good to note that people like Jonathan Kozol who came from a stable family and who was provided with good education are able to see how disadvantageous life can be to the poor and racially discriminated ones. His calling to serve the black children which was triggered by the death of three innocent young people should be lesson to us to not wait for such crimes to happen before we start to care for our fellow human beings. The video relays to us the important message of the importance of acting upon community problems now and not wait for a miracle to take place after 30, 40 or a hundred of years later.

This was highly emphasized when John impatiently told the people in power that a child needing an education now will not be able to get back the years he lost when he becomes an adult. Another noteworthy story he shared was when a black girl who wanted to go to college was prevented from doing so because she was told to be a seamstress like her mother because she was supposed to become one. She was told that she could not uplift her way of life because she lives to serve the children of those upper class people who owns those factory where her mother and other mothers like hers work.

Many black children have come to accept fates such as this because most of them have never had proper education in their childhood. They were indoctrinated that they were designated to live the low class of life. In the early years of America, it was established though not in writing that black and the Hispanics should leave higher education to the white people because it is they who have the right to become executives and leaders in the country while the black and other racial minorities are just their followers or slaves.

Funding inequities in American schools 2 Jonathan’s impatience about this situation may now have a solution with recent big event and change in American history, which is the election of its first African-American president: Barack Obama. With this current development, I strongly believe that Jonathan and all the black and racial minority will now have confidence that appropriate and equal school funding will be given to them and to the white kids.

This is the change that Jonathan hoped for 64 years ago when he began his service to the racially discriminated. It is now left to the new president to serve his people equally and give to the long time oppressed what they justly deserved. So in the end, even if the dream of Jonathan’s father of him becoming a recognized governor of any state in America did not come true; I am confident enough to say that he is more than proud of what his son has contributed to his society.

He should take pride of how many lives he has touched an inspired not just in American but globally as well. Despite of some people opposing Jonathan’s beliefs; saying that he does not put into consideration the white kids who are also affected by this inequity of funds, they should see the whole picture that Jonathan just wants equality and does his work does not wish to bias the white people against the black and the minorities.

I am now looking forward to what Jonathan will say about the current administration and to what it can do about the problems which Jonathan and other people like him have continually helped battled with. Funding inequities in American schools 3 References Online Video Jonathan Kozol: Funding Inequities in American Schools. Available at: Youtube. com. Date of access(February 04, 2009)

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