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Future Air Cargo Developments

Air cargo has been an important aspect of the modern society. Every since man has learned to fly, it has also experimented on how this newfound knowledge and help mankind further. One of the answers that surfaced in lieu of this query is air cargo and the benefits to the people about having the technology and business featuring a service that can take objects from one place to another through the use of aircrafts. This has been an excellent idea. Over the years, businesses in air cargo made very good use of the opportunities to earn financial gain.

This is because of the fact that there are many people placed in situations wherein they need items delivered to a destination in a hurry, when it is more practical for them to have the items delivered by a business provider rather than hand carry the item themselves or deliver the items themselves (consider the costs of travel, not to mention the lost time during travel, time which could have been spent being productive if there is a trustworthy and capable entity that can be trusted or relied on to do the delivery of the item).

Over time, the air cargo has become an important fixture in the modern world, This is largely because of its use and importance and the role of these businesses in the financial and economic landscape of the country and also the world. And just like any other forward thinking business, air cargo has always sought the developments that can make it better. Because of that, the world has always anticipated what developments it will possess in the future.

The discussion of the future developments that can be found or to be expected from air cargo and the business of air cargo is important because of the impact of this facet of modern human life to the countless individuals that rely to the efficiency and service of these businesses. Because of its importance, this research paper will try to put forward important aspects, facets and parts involved in the future developments in air cargo.

The future developments of air cargo can be viewed through the different important aspects found in the operation and capability of air cargo operations. There are many areas where future developments maybe seen or felt for this particular business. This paper will discuss the future developments of air cargo based on the possible future developments that can be expected on the different aspects of air cargo. Aspects of Air Cargo where Change and Future Development is Found Technology

Technology that has affected the operations of air cargo has been the aspect that has experienced noticeable changes and developments over time. This is largely because of the fact that technology is ever evolving and ever changing. The changes and the developments in the field of technology will always, in one way or another, affect the air cargo business. There are different aspects of technology affecting air cargo where developments are expected to happen and affect air cargo.

Some of these particular fields of technology include aerospace technology, communications technology, business processing and transaction technology and logistics-related technology that air cargo, its operator, as well as its patrons and costumers can use and utilize in the future especially if these technologies and their developments and improvements are successfully integrated in the overall operations of air cargo. Aerospace Technology The biggest source of development in the future that will affect air cargo is aerospace technology. Air cargo relies on the technology available featured in modern day aircrafts used for air cargo.

Companies of air cargo are always on the look-out for the brand new airplane that can bring the air cargo business in the next step – a bigger and faster (and even more intelligent) aircraft that will be designed by the aerospace engineers can change the air cargo business significantly. Technology will also contribute in the design of new aircrafts that will hit production and soon will be used to replace old aircrafts so that there is an improvement in service as well (Wensveen 235). “A large number of new aircraft have been introduced in recent years. This new capacity will help keep prices down (Wensveen 235).

” Communications Technology Communication technology will impact air cargo business. Communication technology development will involve the ability of consumers to communicate with the air cargo service providers, as well as the development of communication abilities between the ground crew/front desk and the people manning the aircraft, airborne or otherwise. The developments in communication technology, like those affecting the use of landline and cellular and satellite phone, as well as the communication features of technologies, like the Internet, will find significant use in air cargo business.

Businesses will integrate these new technologies to their overall system so that they can enjoy the benefits that can be taken from this development in communication technology (Terashima, Altman 239). “Information flows and communication within the trade and transport industries and cargo processing speed particularly air freight needed improvement (Terashima, Altman 239). ” Business Processing, Transaction and Logistics Technology There are technologies involved in business processing, transaction and logistics that also affects the air cargo business.

These technologies are the backbone of the front desk and customer service operation. While it is the airplanes that do the flying and delivering, it is these technologies that make sure that the everyday operation is organized and systematic. And because of that, companies are also very much in the hunt for opportunities for them and their company to be equipped with technologies supporting the air cargo business; sometimes, partnerships are made between companies that have compatible business operations.

For example, air cargo will partner with logistics and management firms and companies so that both aspects are managed smoothly by professionals and their technologies. An example of this is the partnership entered by Aeroflot Cargo Airlines with CHAMP Cargo systems in the hope that the latter can provide a systematic handling and management of the sale and management of Aeroflot Cargo Airlines’ air cargo business for the next five years following the agreement that the two companies reached by the end of 2008 (Aeroflot cargo selects CHAMP new generation system to support expanding network 1).

This was also the case when Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) utilized the management system provided by iCargo from the Cargo Management System of the company IBS Software Services; a partnership which, similar to Aeroflot and CHAMP, started just last year (IBS’ iCargo goes-live at Nippon Cargo Airlines 1). Example of logistics technology is the development of the “hook” technology by professionals working at Volga Dnepr Airlines. This technology is designed specifically for securing heavy loads for air cargo.

According to the engineers that designed this particular equipment, this is universal and can be installed in other air cargo aircrafts even those made outside of Russia (New “Hook” 1). Development in Security Technology and Protocol One of the important aspects of modern life that technology will seriously affect is the ability of the technology in businesses, like air cargo, to detect possible threats and provide a system that can efficiently secure items as safe and free from any possible threats (i.

e. presence of drugs, bombs, etc). Government agencies, like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), has created regulations and implemented programs like the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP), an important follow up since the 2007 passage of the Implementing the 9-11 Commission Recommendations Act of 2007.

This is focused on security and touched base with the air cargo industry through the regulation on the responsibility of these businesses to effectively screen cargo, so that air cargo businesses take it upon themselves to be responsible in screening the items they deliver and make sure none of the contents are contraband or contain items that can be used to present a serious threat to the life of the public. This is an important development not just for TSA, but also for air cargo companies like American Airlines Cargo Division.

The future of air cargo will still feature developments in this particular field. Companies will equip themselves with the necessary supporting technologies so that they can pass these requirements and be certified by the government agencies like TSA. In the website of the Airport Council International, it explained, discussed and identified certain cargo detection equipment and the technology for cargo detection necessary for air cargo operations (Primer: Air Cargo 1).

While these are technologies not found directly inside a cargo aircraft, these technologies -from the Examiner 3DX 6500 to the CTX 9000 – are also very important in the present and future of air cargo (Primer: Air Cargo 1). These are considered as part of the future developments in the air cargo industry, especially the newer technologies that would be developed patterned after these gadgets. Manpower A large part of the business of air cargo is material things and objects – from aircrafts to forklifts to digital gadgets and equipment.

But the most important driving force behind the continuous success of air cargo and its operation and business worldwide is its manpower. The people working for the air cargo business/industry may not be similar to technology in a way that scientists do not actually experiment on human beings and how they can be improved (particularly because of ethical reasons regarding human experimentation). But even with this particular social feature, it is wrong to assume that there are no developments to be expected from the human resource and manpower aspect of the air cargo business.

General Overview on Future Developments of Air Cargo as a Business Entity While there maybe a considerable section of the present day population that considers the present day operation of the air cargo and the present nature of air cargo as satisfactory, there is no doubt that the air cargo business owners, stakeholders, innovators and the consumers, in general, would still be able to identify general developments that it wants to see happen to or affect air cargo, changes and developments that will always have room even if newer and newer technologies contribute towards making the situation better.

As things get better, people will always want something more, something better than what they have today. This is the exact idea why the future air cargo developments will always be the response or answer to the questions that empower the drive towards working on the development of air cargo in the future. Faster One of the main ideas empowering air cargo is that it provides a faster way for delivery of goods and items from one place to another compared to other options like sea-based vessels or land based transportation which is slower compared to air cargo delivery.

The idea of being faster than the competition will also be a consistent factor to measure future developments in air cargo: can they make the services faster than how it is today? This future development will be accomplished through the combination of changes and developments in aeronautic technology and air travel vis-a-vis changes and developments in the business program and service design of companies of air cargo firms.

Customers will always want the option of picking the fastest company and with that, air cargo will always try to create ways and means so that the need to be faster is answered in the future. To be faster and faster in the future is a key important development (Wensveen 328). “The real potential for air cargo growth lies with air express and air freight (Wensveen 328)” which is characterized by the ability to deliver faster and faster, with the aid of technological developments in the future as well. Cheaper

Companies are always trying to look at the different scenarios and possibilities that can allow them to develop a business in the future that offers cheaper rates to the customers so that they can haul in more customers and more and more people can enjoy their services. This is true with the air cargo business: an important future development for them include the ability of the companies to reach more and more people and service more clients and customers; more people are able to pay for the services of air cargo especially if in the future, they can institute changes that can result to cheaper costs.

Of course, this will include considerations for existing trade laws that protect price range and considerations towards the feasibility of manageable and sustainable bracket or margin of income for the business provider despite the drop on prices. Still, the change towards cheaper costs is one of the important changes that customers and clients are looking at in the future of air cargo (Siuru, Busick 27). “Air cargo will grow also, especially if air shipping costs can be made competitive with trucks, trains and ships (Siuru, Busick 27). ” Better Service

The combination of technological development in the future and how manpower in air cargo in the future is characterized influences significantly an important aspect of future developments that customers, clients and consumer look for and anticipate not just in air cargo but in every other business that serves the public – better service. Despite the fact that many people today may attest that there are particular air cargo services and businesses that can merit an “A” for service, it cannot be denied also that there are still rooms for improvement for the manner by which service is rendered to the public.

The instances of customers and clients coming forward to express grievances regarding what they consider as poor services from air cargo companies reflect the need for air cargo to focus its future developments, not just on technology and manpower per se, but also to make time and available resources that can used. The future developments of air cargo will also feature developing and changing service practices that are better compared to the past paradigm dictating customer service processes and protocol.

This was the case of development that happened to Southwest Airlines Cargo when it obtained the Advanced Cargo Suite, a solution that the Southwest Airlines Cargo management hopes could help them improve customer service. There are many partnerships between air cargo companies and support and logistics companies geared at providing better services in the future like the case of the partnership between Air Bridge Cargo Airlines (ABC) and the Amsterdam-based Avia Partner Cargo (AirBridgeCargo awards 2). More Flexibility

Air cargo will also be expected in the future to introduce developments in its operation which will make it more flexible. This is a general perspective; flexibility may mean the manner by which clients and customers are able to utilize the air cargo business to the best possible advantageous ways that is a win-win situation for both the client and the air cargo business. Flexibility can refer to mode of payment, or to the transaction processes; it could be about any of the aspects involving the client or customer – payment, tracking, customer service, and inquiry and or follow-up, insurance, customs, delivery etc.

The future developments focused on flexibility underscores the fact that the idea of future developments in air cargo are not just limited to machines, equipment and technological upgrade and development and not just to the introduction of new technologies. More than that, it is how these technologies will affect the convenience customers and clients feel about air cargo and the flexibility that it can provide in the future especially if the technology is carefully integrated in the processes of air cargo operation. Ability to Reach More and More Places

Whether the people accept it or not, the truth is that the business of air cargo worldwide is still saddled by the problem of being able to reach all of the places in the world imaginable where possible customers live, exist and do business relying on air cargo. Of course, it is understandable if the air cargo business today still has areas that it cannot reach. Of course, there are business considerations, logistical considerations, practicality and economic-consideration for venturing into such expansion effort; there is also the role of technology, as well as infrastructure and government support.

Air cargo itself, and the business of air cargo manages to reach these places. For example, if governments cannot control the peace and order inside war torn places, development leading to the creation of better infrastructure, communication and other logistical platforms, wherein air cargo depends and the creation of an atmosphere amenable to the growth of business that will, in turn, be air cargo’s main lifeblood in these places that can justify the businesses’ expansion of operation in these locations will not be feasible and is nearly impossible to begin, undertake, sustain and finish.

There are socio-political aspects that hinder towards attaining this particular development (Kwiatkowska, Dotinga, 122). Indeed, “ongoing efforts to bolster air freight pooling arrangements should be further reinforced (Kwiatkowska, Dotinga 122). ” Being able to extend operations and reach to new places will be one of the most important future developments that can be expected from air cargo. But this future development can only be attained if there are concerted efforts among stakeholders, policy leaders, government leaders and business community leaders.

Without such efforts, places that are ignored by air cargo will remain in such status. Businessmen will not risk its money and its operation somewhere where there are no promise whatsoever of financial growth and business success feasibility. If the business ventures that these entities are willing to take for the sake of reaching the public is not supported by the actions of the government. All of these are factors to consider for the air cargo business today.

This is growing more and more important, especially today, considering the fact that the worldwide air cargo industry will try to recover from a dismal 2009 performance that saw serious drop in earnings among many air cargo companies according to the 7th Annual Cargo Aircraft & Operations Conference held in Brussels in April 2009. These are losses that they will try to earn back by improving every aspect that they can, which makes developments in the future more important for these companies now more than ever.

Certain economic aspects made an impact and dented the air cargo industry; but there are still those who voice optimism and these voices shouldn’t be ignored, and neither is the need for the developments in the future which is important for long term success. Conclusion The world is indeed getting smaller and smaller by the minute. In the era of the modern world, there are many changes that have contributed towards making the world smaller and smaller. One of the important contributing factors is the technology that allows humans to break the barriers set by distances.

Today, everything can be moved from one place to another faster than anyone would have imagined possible. Humans and material things can travel from one place to another, thanks to the presence of companies and business that pride themselves with providing the best possible air cargo services. The best thing about this aspect of the human life is that nothing stops moving, everything, including the efforts to create future developments that can benefit the people, are constantly at move.

Because of that, engineers, technical specialists and other professionals are finding new developments – not just on the technological side, but also on non-technological aspect of the business, like customer service and skills development by the workforce behind the air cargo business. All around the world, air cargo companies are all conscious for the need for change and development as part of their long term and short term future plans.

Based on the attitude of air cargo companies and the developments that involved them in the past years, it is clear that the course of action that they are taking are towards being able to maximize what future changes and developments can offer. Air cargo is changing as much as it is introducing change itself. For example, “air freight services have been a catalyst for the internationalization” of economies (Leinbach, Capineri 49).

” Technology focused on air cargo and technology that creates new solutions and technological platforms for general consumption are all moving forward and have shown how they have relentlessly pursued change and development. The air cargo business, like the other aspects of the modern society, has shown how it can take advantage of what these new developments can offer to the business, to their practice, and to how they provide service to the public as well. Works Cited

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