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Future of North American Industry

The world is flatter now in this era of fast communication and borderless economy where the only citizens are multinational corporations. The executives of which are not loyal to the state where they reside but their revenues generated across the world. It was believed and presented in the past that global economy is a win- win situation for all the stake holders but the case is proven otherwise. It might be a tool to maintain American hegemony but not of people of North America, even USA. (Friedman, Thomas L.

, 2005). Businesses all over the globe are taking advantage of the cheap labour available in India, China, Taiwan and other countries. It’s not only about the physical infrastructure transferred to these countries, as in case of manufacturing sector and automobile industry, but also encompasses out sourcing of high paid jobs, rendering our people jobless. Consider the case of Silicon Valley in Bangalore, India which is replacing our software houses in USA and Canada, very quickly (Kamala Bhatt, 2009).

Sooner, we will not be in the position to encourage our people to join technical and professional programs for future when all these functions will be out sourced to low income countries. The concept of free economy is not a sweet dream to realize as it is breaching the very fundamentals of social contact of a nation state (Jeff Faux, 2006). People and their well being is the duty of the state and in case of globalization, businesses, the wheel of an economy, have disassociated themselves from the very purpose.

They are concerned with a competitive America but their competitive edge at cost of American people. These are the winners in this game, either it be the IBM’s partners of China, or the Wall-Mart’s association with Japan, not the Americans, of course. Now, there is dire need to take corrective measures and to follow an aggressive policy to safeguard the interest of us, people of North America, from the negative impacts of globalization. The responsibility is both of government and people to work together in this regard.

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