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Future Plan for Next 20 Years

What is in store for a 28-year-old male students majoring in Sociology? A number of opportunities await a person who is into the study of Sociology. Beyond however what the field can offer, it is the eventual realization of sociological principles and practices that a student aims to attain. This is because the recognition of the value of Sociology allows a student to initially survive the demands of studying the subject and gain the advantages of the field in the end. As such, the next 20 years will be very critical for someone majoring in Sociology.

It is during this period that he is able to widen, enhance and strengthen his study of the discipline and most importantly, apply his learning and earn the benefits that Sociology is set to provide to a student in the future. The significance of the discipline of Sociology lies on its ability to bring out the best in a student. However, it is apparent that the road to success is not that easy as it will be essential for a student to create his plan for the next two decades. In particular, it is necessary and helpful for Sociology major to take concrete steps to reach his goals.

The said measures will be valuable elements that a Sociology student will use in formulating and carrying-out his study of Sociology. It is therefore important that the future plan of the Sociology major for the next 20 years contains worthy steps – meaning, practical and achievable actions that will allow him to achieve his objectives and give him the chance to eventually benefit from the study of one of the important branches of social science. Sociology Field, an Overview A student majors in Sociology for obvious reason.

That is, to learn the social conduct of human beings through logical examination and critical evaluation. In order however to appreciate the Sociology student’s future plan for the next 20 years, it is useful to better understand the discipline. In doing so, it will be easy to realize that there are required steps for the student to undertake for him to be able to reach his ultimate goals. As an aspect of social science, Sociology is the general learning of the social organization and actions.

It is aimed at putting the said leaning to the search of social goodness and interests (Ashley & Orenstein 3). In today’s modern setting, the field of Sociology is already expanded as it is now has more human touch. In effect, the relevance of Sociology to students has been intensified because of its unlimited connection with human and social framework and actions. Associating such characteristics of Sociology to a student’s future plan, there is now a need that the said components exist in the preparation of 10 necessary steps.

Hence, a clear identification and eventual recognition of the structure and activities of people play a significant function in the formulation and performance of the measures. This is because it is under this direction that the student will be able to attain his intention of realizing the importance of Sociology in his life. Steps for the Future Plan The literary work by Turner is a valuable material that Sociology student like me may use in creating a future plan for the next 20 years. This is because such book left a clear and very important premise, which is the need to consolidate or unify the field.

The author presents diversity as an important feature of modern Sociology. Such diversity, in turn, puts Sociology at a significant crossroads: the field has gained big theoretical perspectives because the earlier principles were broadened in a number of different directions (Turner 77). Under a principle that the field of Sociology explains the social tendencies of the contemporary world in terms of what “drive human behavior, interaction, and social organization,” (77) it is now necessary for Sociology major like me to come up with steps aimed at bringing these together.

Since I am presented with various principle and practices in my study of Sociology, it is now my immediate plan to consolidate such diversity. This means that I have to come up with one specific premise concerning the discipline of Sociology and its relevance to my life in the next 20 years. From this main step of unifying or bringing about single rather than diverse forms of human conduct, relation and social system; several other measures will be undertaken that will now form part of my future plan for the next 20 years.

The next step for me is to use theoretical and systematic idea in order to be aware and eventually realize the sociological world setting. This means that I have to put in real life the things I learn from school. This will lead to the third step wherein it may be necessary for me to critically analyze the sociological concepts especially if they are supposed to pose harm to the social framework and organization. My fourth step will be to suggest rational alternatives.

This is because it will be inappropriate to oppose without proposing options on how to go about the study of human behavior and social system. These steps constitute an exploration and analysis of my chosen field where eventual realization of the benefits of the field is hoped to be achieved. In the middle of my plan is the need for me to still expand my study hence my fifth step will be an effort to compare Sociology with other fields. Due to the relevance of the course, I plan highlight the advantages of majoring into Sociology.

This means that my sixth step is to discover more what Sociology can offer to people and social organization. This can be done by informing others of the relevance of the field to everyday life. The seventh step in my plan is to prepare for defense against any criticism that is possible to challenge the course. This can be done by practically knowing the subject by heart. Doing so will now me allow me to take the eight step – that is, to accept that despite many years of being into the field, Sociology is just like any other discipline where harms or disadvantages exist.

Knowing and accepting that Sociology has its negative features, the ninth step will be to exert more effort to make it more coherent or rational under the premise that Sociology will be my specialization after how many years. My last step will be the ultimate endeavor. It is my fundamental plan to use Sociology as a venue where public dispute, political guiding principle and social activities will take part in the successful reconstruction of human conduct and social structure. Conclusion Creating a future plan for the next 20 years is truly a rewarding activity.

This is because a student like me is allowed to come up with specific steps that will be necessary in my effort to excel in the field of Sociology. Thus, the ten measures are planned not only for me to reach my goals but ultimately to unify the field so that benefits await those who are into it just like me. Works Cited Ashley, David & Orenstein, David Michael. Sociological Theory: Classical Statements. MA: Allyn & Bacon, 2004. Turner, Jonathan. “Founder and Classics: A Canon in Motion. ” The Student’s Companion to Sociology. Eds. Jon Gubbay, Chris Middleton & Chet Ballard. MA: Blackwell, 1997. 64-79.

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