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Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Dostoyevsky was first recognized as a good writer at the young age of 24, and was predicted to be one of the greatest writers of Russia. His life and career as a writer has seen many highs and lows. Some of his works would be accepted and praised, while some would be criticized and negatively reacted to. Dostoyevsky is regarded as a man with great talent, but still he wasn’t able to please everyone. At one point in Dostoyevsky’s life, he was arrested and imprisoned because of his ideas and the crowd that he keeps (Toutonghi).

He was sent to prison because he was a part of a liberal intellectual group, which was seen by some people of the society as a threat to the current rule. Despite his talent, Dostoyevsky is viewed as a man with flaws, and his imperfections were that things that made him better. At present, Dostoyevsky is regarded as one of best writers of all time, and was the inspiration for some other contemporary works.

Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf were some of the great contemporary writers who were influenced by Dostoyevsky and his works. His works have continued to be read by many people. His works oftentimes utilized the element of human psychology, and this has been a trend on many other works of literature. Indeed, Dostoyevsky paved the way for modern literary artists and works. Fyodor Dostoyevsky embodies the philosophical movement known as existentialism, and his works are regarded as some of the foundations of this idea.

Existentialism gave importance to the human subject, not only in the aspect of thinking but also in the aspect of acting, feeling, and living as a human individual. The take off point for philosophy in existentialism were the conditions of existence of the human individuals, and it talks about anything regarding man’s existence. This was evident on the works of Dostoyevsky and was the basis for the creation of his literary masterpieces. Works Cited: Toutonghi, Pauls. “Fyotor Dostoyevsky”. 2007. April 9 2009. <http://www. fyodordostoevsky. com/biography. php>.

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