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General Election: McCain vs. Obama

This Real Clear Politics average 2008 general election poll that asked who registered voters were going to vote for on November 4th demonstrates the accuracy of combining national samples into an average. In fact, the Real Clear Politics average spread of Obama +7. 6 was only . 3 off from the actual election results that showed Obama’s spread to be +7. 3. This is important because if people only consider a single poll their information would be skewed by too limited of a sample.

For example, the popular Gallup Poll determined an Obama spread of +11 while the Battleground Tarrance poll showed only a +2 spread for Obama. I believe political polls have an enormous influence not only on the candidates but also on public perception. As the election hoopla was winding down, it seemed like nearly everyday a new poll was out claiming that Obama had made a gain, or that McCain was gaining ground in some battleground state, etc… I agreed with the majority of the people that said they were going to vote for Obama because of the distrust of so many Americans regarding the Republican Party.

If I were to conduct a poll today I would ask people if the Electoral College should be abolished considering the debacles it caused in the 2000 and 2004 elections. I think it should be abolished, like many people, and it could be used to start a petition to send to Congress to abolish the system if enough people believed it should be abolished.

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