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General Religion Report Assignment

People believe that other than the power of mankind to think and express thoughts by words, there is/are more superior one/s- the God/s. Gods are believe to be the most powerful existence in the universe. They protect and give the people and other inferior creatures in the world. These beliefs of the existence of God and Gods are enclosed in the teachings in religions. Religion is defined as beliefs and worship. People in every state or nation have their own beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a God or Goddess.

Religion also conquers the explanation of the relationship between the divine involvement in the universe and human life. Religion is not an object with a single, fixed meaning, or even a zone with clear boundaries. It is an aspect of human experience that may intersect, incorporate, or transcend other aspects of life and society. (http://encarta. msn. com/ encyclopedia_761565187/Religion. html, 2007). The word religion is derived from the Latin noun religio, which denotes both earnest observance of ritual obligations and an inward spirit of reverence (http://encarta. msn.

com/ encyclopedia_761565187/Religion. html, 2007). Religion for all is something that is necessary and that is embedded in the heart of all people. Even atheists, who are often regarded as people who do not believe in God, are actually worshipping and recognizing their superiors. People cannot separate themselves with the beliefs inside the teachings in the religions they are in. Other than protection and providing the daily needs, religion also offers salvation of the soul and even promises life after death either in the same body or in another, or in different creatures.

Salvation of the soul actually is a strong driving power why people are hooked and devoted in the activities inside their religion. Salvation is an escape of the truth that people die either persistent or naturally. The fact that people realize the existence of death in this world and that no one, even the richest or the most intelligent living individual, cannot hinder the existence of death. Death is a natural phenomenon that is uncontrolled by anyone. Anyone in his good mind fears death. Death is something that has to be scared of fro everyone strives to survive. Survival is inseparable with enjoyment of living.

To live in this world, means to conquer the struggle for all are not fortunate of being have-lots. There are too many different people in this world with too many different wants and needs. Sometimes someone almost has everything in this world but is still feeling incomplete. This truly happening because people, as the highest form of creation, to the lowest form, are undeniably weak and not immortal. Thus, people cannot depend on their capacity alone. There are many religions, established or not, which are scattered all over the world and there are several ways on organizing and structuring religions.

According to Barrett (2001), global population comprises 33% all Christians, 19. 6% Muslims, 13. 4% Hindus, 5. 9% Buddhists, 0. 2% all Jews, and the rest. Christianity is widely distributed while the others only conquer some land like Muslims in the Middle East and Buddhism in China and other related and adjacent countries. Clergy as an organization of Christianity is a general word to describe the leader. They are commonly known as deacons, priests, bishops, and ministers. These leaders are expected to deal and interferes with childbirth, baptism, circumcision, coming of age ceremonies, marriage, and even in death.

Christian temples are the dwelling place of a god or gods. Temples are called basilica, cathedral and church. The Christian life must be obedient on the two primary doctrines and morals, which are actually the love of God and the love of neighbor, which are the holy scripture of God written in the Bible. In accordance with primary doctrines, the central teaching in Christianity is that, Jesus cannot be less than the supreme preacher and exemplar of the moral life, but for most Christians that, by itself, does not do full justice to the significance of his life and work (http://encarta. msn.

com/encyclopedia_761576315/ Christianity. html#s1. , 2007). Another religion that belongs to the top three world’s major religion is Islam. Islam means “surrender” or “submission” to the will of the only one God, who is known as Allah. Muslim is the term called for the follower of Islam. They are called Mohammedans or Mahometans in 1960s by the English writers and Mussulman, Musselman, or Mussulmaun in the 19th century by the Indo-European writers. According to Qur’an, the book of Islam, Adam, Noah, Moses and Jesus and his apostles are Muslims because they surrendered themselves to God.

The clergy of Islam is called imams, or sometimes ayatollahs. Their temple is called mosque and in Arabic, it is called masjid. Muslims performs public expression of Islamic religiosity and communal identity inside the mosques. Hinduism as the oldest extant and the third largest religion on the other hand, can be viewed as the collective belief and practices of Hindus. But, it can also be viewed simply as henotheistic . Henotheistic describes the devotion to a single “God” while accepting the existence of other gods. Hindus worship and meditates in their temple called Mandir or Kovil or Devasthanam or Dega.

Their major God is named Vishnu. The spiritual laws are written in Shastras. Many referred to Hindu priests as their preachers. Hinduism originates in India. The term Hindu is referred India, which is primarily referred to Sindhu river or Indus river. The standard form of intellectual Hinduism, which is Vedanta, teaches that the highest aim of existence is the realization of the identity or union of the individual’s innermost self (atman) with the ultimate reality Hinduism, which is the state of Brahman (http://encarta. msn. com/ encyclopedia_761555 715_2/Hinduism. html#s5, 2007).

Another religion established in the northeastern India with recorded millions of followers, is Buddhism. It is also known as Buddha Dharma or Dhamma or Pali. Their temple are varies on name depending on the location where the temple is established. They are as called monastery, stupas, and pagodas. This religion follows the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, who is known as the Buddha. Buddha means the ‘Enlightened one’. There was no written body of thought for Buddha is an oral preacher. The most popular teaching in Buddhism is that, anyone can be awakened from the “sleep of ignorance” and later can be a Buddha.

Jews people cover about 4. 5 Million people. Jews refer to people in the Israelites or Hebrews of the ancient Middle East. They are an ethnoreligious group which means that they agreed to display the distinct characteristics of an ethnic group. The driving force of their unification is their common religious culture. Therefore, Judaism is the religious culture of Israel. Judaism means people of Israel. The holy scripture of Judaism is also the Bible. But unlike the Christian Bible that has two parts, Judaism Bible has 39 books.

These books are written originally in Hebrew except for a few sections in Aramaic. Judaism follows the idea of transcendence. This idea states that God is presented as creator, and this conception impress itself on all Jewish discourse about God that is to equally mean that God is Lord of all the earth (http://encarta. msn. com/encyclopedia_761567455_2/God. html#p7, 2007). The effects of great number of religious followers were sometimes powerful enough to make and change a decision and plans, and the way to view different aspects in life.

According to Encarta (2007), China, Japan, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as in India were the countries in which Buddhism took a great impact. The civilization of China was affected by the times when the Buddhism was prominent. This influence, due to many Chinese followers of Buddhism, were actually gone the themes of financial and human resources expenditures. Expenditures during the Han period gave importance on the establishment of impressive works of art and elaborate temples.

In effect, these establishments of well-formed temples helped the people showing divinity by acquiring inspirations from them. On the other hand, the wide spread of Buddhism in the United States, made the religion the most dominant among other religion in Hawaii, for instance. This incident even made the former governor Jerry Brown, a member of Buddhist. In Cuba, researcher like Margaret E. Crahan and Alfonso Quiroz, were able to trace the impact of religion and society. They specifically determined the impact of development of various religions on the national identity of Cuba.

The researchers determined the impact which resulted to, religious institutions were particularly attractive to younger people who sought spaces where they could pursue their own interests and discuss personal and societal problems (http://www. wilsoncenter. org/index. cfm? fuseaction=events. event_summary&event_id=55405). The spread of one religion as one of the interests of some rulers before, were also an aggravated factor of demoralizing other nation. It created disagreement and led to war. Wars were heard around the world due to disagreement on imposing one’s beliefs and religion over the other/s.

After the war, what product were discrimination, reduction of standards of living, deprived rights, and poverty. The study of religion basically, is the study of beliefs, behaviors and institutions of a certain religion. The study reached both the history and the cross-cultural perspectives. Studies on religions started in the late 19th century. The first accomplished studies on religions were the birth and development of the Bible and the transcription of the Hindu and Buddhist texts. Even statistics has shown that religion is everywhere. It is something that near to impossible to separate from the life of people.

In every nation and in every race, there is an existing religion. Either people understand or not the true meaning and reason why he/she is holding and living with his/her religion, people cannot refuse and depart from having religion. It is a natural phenomenon in the lives of the highest creature in this land. A newly born baby already has his/her religion. Eradicating religion is not a simple task that can right away be executed. It takes a lot of study not only on the religion but also in the different aspects in life like culture, traditions, nation, people, existence, etc.

Many questioned why religions are continuing to increase, as well their believers. There are many reasons for this question. One can be certainly due to its adaptable importance. People in this world nowadays are nonbelievers of the material world and science. In many studies in science, they even proved and resulted and coexisted with the explanations that religions offered. Remember power is everywhere, and religion is a form of power which is persistent. For the fact that religion and its power is never disappearing, it also expresses an intensely curious phenomenon.

This is a phenomenon which offers better understanding about many things in this world. It is hard to conclude that religions are easy to study. Aside from studying every details and scriptures which tells about these religions, the students also have to consider and use many approach thus, misleading can be avoided. Historical, sociological, anthropological, psychological, literal, cultural, and neurological approaches are the approaches used for the better understanding of religion. For instance, Max Weber explored and tried to link the relationship between Protestants and Catholic attitude and suicide.

But for many of us, attending and listening to preachers are all it takes to value and obtain the religion that we want as long as we believe and we understand why we believe.

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