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Global Information System Strategy

Information has come out as a mean of integration to enable a field for competitiveness for today enterprise in the world market place. It has a pattern of strategy changing suitably to support the new role in technology. In order to be effective one must have a development of any type of computer-based systems and have an objective to reach a goal set. Information system planning helps one to gain a specific plan understandable to each application in order to know how it stands for future development. An incorporation of development with improvement and management

Through enterprise information resources which capture and characterize the enterprise will shorten the response cycle and even allow for economic evaluation of information system. Technology paved way to greater heights in business resolution in world today starting from computers, internet cameras etc. Since the competition has resulted to marvelous investing of systems such as multiple wireless sensors. MULTIPLE WIRELESS SENSORS NETWORK Sensor technology has enabled managers and administrator to control and institute appropriate measure in concern to business situation and help to gain compound insight to the entrepreneurship.

Evolution of sensor has immensely created a new-kind of sensor called the wireless sensor which operates without and touchable link but though air-wave medium. The device can be used in businesses as remote manager to link to the main serve . It enhance speed and accuracy because there no for paperwork and presentation it’s just a click and one get the progressing of the business. Wireless networking represents a major reduction in capital expenditure. In every thing that have advantaged have its disadvantages. Multiple wireless sensors have some disadvantage.

DISADVATEGES OF MULTIPLE WIRELESS SENSORS NETWORK The main networking challenges in multiple sensor networks are: ? It very expensive to install: – since it’s more complex it requires more expert-minded services which are more expensive to acquire. ? Lots of repeaters required to cover wide areas such as rural locations. ? Multiple hops between repeaters contribute to poor performance. ? Often the main feed (backbone) is shared with client access and therefore can be unreliable. ? Indoor aerials subject to being moved. ? Poor packet loss. ? large number of repeaters required means higher cost.

The key networking challenges in sensor networks that we discuss are: (a) supporting multi-hop communication while limiting radio operation to con- serve power, (b) data management, including frameworks that support attribute-based data naming, routing and in- aggregation, (c) geographic routing challenges in networks where nodes know their locations, and (d) monitoring and maintenance of such dynamic, resource-limited systems. For each of these research areas, we provide an overview of pro- posed solutions to the problem and discuss in detail one or few representative solutions.Finally, we illustrate how these networking components

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