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Global warming

The increase in the earth’s temperature which results in a change in climate is what is referred generally to as global warming. When the earth’s temperature rises, weather patterns may also change. This implies that changes may be seen in rainfall patterns, the sea level may rise and the changes in the weather patterns may also affect animals, plants and human beings as well (West What causes global warming). Scientists have pointed out that global warming is fast becoming a threat to the environment mostly because of human activities.

Global warming occurs when greenhouse gases are excessively emitted into the atmosphere. When the greenhouse gases are emitted, they accumulate in the atmosphere and instead of escaping into the outer space, it is trapped within. This is what finally results into global warming which affects the climate and its impact is felt by all living things on earth (West What causes global warming). Global warming: what are the causes? It has been pointed out that human activities are to blame highly for the global warming. However, this environmental problem is also caused by natural factors.

Some of these natural factors include the emission of methane, which is a greenhouse gas from the artic tundra or wetlands. The cycle of climate change which lasts for almost 40,000 years has been cited as a natural cause of global warming (ThinkQuest Causes). As aforementioned, various human activities highly contribute to global warming. These activities that contribute to global warming include pollution of the environment. For instance, when burnt, fossil fuels cause pollution. This is because fossil fuels are composed of organic matter which may include either coal or oil.

Therefore, when burnt the organic matter in the fossil fuels emanate carbon dioxide (ThinkQuest Causes). Additionally, population growth also contributes to global warming. A growing population implies that the demand for food also grows and in turn, methods of transportation also have to be increased. Since transportation methods have to be increased, this implies that the burning of fossil fuels will also have to be heightened thus more emission of greenhouse gases (ThinkQuest Causes). What is more, the growing demand for food as a result of population growth also means that agriculture has to be heightened.

Even though global warming is said to affect agriculture, certain agricultural activities also contribute to global warming. The manure used in farms contains methane whereas farms that rear domestic animals also have a high emission of methane. Thus, when agriculture is heightened more manure is used and more methane is released as a result (ThinkQuest Causes). Apart from more agricultural practices, population growth also means that more transportation will be needed. Besides, more people will mean more cars on the road.

Cars are known to emit carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and since it is a greenhouse gas, this will still contribute to global warming. More cars will mean even more emission of CO2 thus the rate of global warming may also be heightened (West What causes global warming). Population growth also contributes to global warming since human beings tend to use up natural resources but do not replace them. For instance, a high population implies that more space will be required. As a result trees are cut down, leading to deforestation which in turn interferes with the ecosystem as it is one of the major causes for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This interference in turn contributes to global warming since there are not enough trees to convert the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into oxygen (West What causes global warming). As one of the causes for global warming, carbon dioxide can be emitted from airplanes, power plants and buildings. For instance, it is estimated that the aviation industry causes 3. 5 percent of global warming with buildings accounting for approximately 12 percent of carbon dioxide production. As well, Nitrous oxide gas which is mostly emitted from greenhouses causes global warming and is produced by oceans and rainforest.

As well, other sources of nitrous oxide include nitric acid, fertilizers and the burning of organic matter among others (EcoBridge Causes of Global Warming). Further still, when coal or oil, is being mined, the process allows for the release of methane into the atmosphere. This is so because the process of mining coal or oil involves digging up the earth. Since methane is naturally fixed in the ground, the digging up of earth gives it space to escape. Thus when digging up fossils, even methane is also dug up and this is what causes pollution of the atmosphere.

The emission of Carbon dioxide and methane, which are greenhouse gases contribute to global warming (ThinkQuest Causes). Present Danger of Global Warming As a result of global warming human survival is greatly threatened. The numbers of deaths due to severe diseases as a result of climate change is said to double by 2020. Also, estimated by the World Health Organization, approximately 154,000 people die annually as a result of the effects of global warming like drought. This includes malnutrition which occurs due to poor crop yields among other diseases like malaria and diarrhea.

Other dangers of global warming include an increase in storms and floods based on the fact that global warming produces an increase in precipitation or rainfall (EcoBridge Present Danger of global warming). Additionally, as a result of global warming, the dangers of high temperature are likely to become more intense which may result heat waves. Subsequently, threes waves may also result to deaths. For instance, in 2003, heat wave led to the death of 1700 people in India. On the other hand, islands are endangered by rising sea levels which in turn affects crops and peoples’ homes.

At the same time, global warming has also presented the danger of hurricanes with most beaches being threatened by the risk of erosion (EcoBridge Present Danger of global warming). Global warming also poses the danger of coral loss and bleaching thus affecting the marine life. Consequently, loss of coral reefs which affects the marine life that includes fish species thus affecting most island economies that depend on activities like fishing as a source of income. Also, marine life populations tend to significantly decrease as a result of lack of food due to an interference with the marine food chain.

Coral bleaching occurs as a result of higher water temperatures which results to driving out the algae which nourishes and gives coral reefs their colors. Thus, coral reefs will barely survive constant stress of warming water (EcoBridge Present Danger of global warming). Other present dangers of global warming include dead zones in oceans which are coupled by strong winds that tend to push the surface waters and low oxygen. Also, a number of animals are also threatened as a result and includes the caribou, polar bears, moose and the blue whale.

For instance, due to melting polar ice, the source of food for most whales is in turn threatened. These Antarctic whales feed on krill which also depend on microscopic marine algae for their food. Subsequently, the likelihood of whale extinction is very high. As well, rise in temperatures and constant warming of the Arctic affect animals and birds which result to constant migration (EcoBridge Present Danger of global warming). Climate conditions are affected by global warming in turn affects forest resources and water supplies thus affecting the health of humans, the ecosystem types and animal life.

Careless uses of the environment by many industries emit gases like fluorine, bromine and chlorine gases also deplete the ozone layer. Moreover, global warming has led to the depletion of water resources, forest covers, increase in poisonous foods and lack of pure air to breathe while also leading to extreme climate extremes like hurricanes, warming of the atmosphere, dry winds, floods and drought (Disabled World A threat to future). What are the future threats of global warming? Serious future risks are posed by global warming thus climate change is significantly threatened.

As a result, the future of human survival is greatly endangered with some species facing extinction risk by 2050. Extreme weather conditions are also likely to occur where floods, heat waves, increased acidity of ocean waters, spread of diseases, powerful hurricanes while also threatening the forests and sea levels. Consequently, the future is threatened by spread of infectious diseases, disappearing beaches, water shortages and droughts, increased storms and other weather related damages (EcoBridge Threat of Climate Change). Furthermore, mass extinction of animal and plant species is also likely to be a threat in the future.

According to a research conducted on 1400 animal and plant species at Stanford’s Institute for International Studies, about 80 percent of all species that have undergone a behavioral change is as a result of climate change. According to the researchers, the future of these species is threatened and is at the edge of a mass extinction especially if the temperature continues to increase. Subsequently, when there is an increased temperature, many species will tend to move to a cooler area. However, if there is an alteration in these habitats, then there would be an eventual extinction of the species (EcoBridge Threat of Climate Change).

Moreover, the future trend to dead to zones in oceans and the coastal waters is also threatened. This can be attributed to the fact that as a result of global warming; the levels of oxygen in the ocean waters constantly tend to become lower thus affecting the marine life. As well, based on the 1999 Britain’s Meteorological office report, the future is still at a great threat of a disruption in the rainfall patterns where many coastal lands are likely to experience flooding (EcoBridge Threat of Climate Change).

The future is also threatened by worsening of the deadliest hurricanes which can be attributed to the increase of warmth in the planet. Moreover, when the planet becomes warmer, the warmer the Atlantic Ocean gets which brings with it a warmer and moist ocean air that acts as a fuel for hurricanes. Thus, as a result of global warming, many scientists have since feared that climate change which is rapidly warming will worsen hurricanes in the near future. On the other hand, high temperatures are likely to become more extreme and also threaten the future as a result of heat waves which also lead to morbidity (EcoBridge Threat of Climate Change).

Also, the future is threatened by an increase rolling black outs which can be attributed to strained power grids by many people due to increased demand and use of air conditioner as a result of severe heat waves. Currently, many forest species have been endangered and weakened thus paving way to grasslands. Moreover, as a result of global warming, existence of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere will also threaten the future by resulting to forest loss (EcoBridge Threat of Climate Change).

Additionally, when global warming becomes more cruel, lack of water is then likely to threaten its future survival thus leading to the forests’ susceptibility to diseases and pests. Consequently, the forest will then be weak thus leading to the forest’s increased exposure to fire. In other words, these factors like fire, pests, lack of water and disease attacks will affect the future forest species as well as weakening trees thus making the trees prone to fire (EcoBridge Threat of Climate Change). Based on the effects of global warming, the future sea level will rise with the future ice sheet being unstable.

As well, as sea levels continues to rise in the future, sea water is predicted to rise and invade the coastal ground water and the wetlands thus making the water salty thus hindering wetlands ability to filter and cleanse drinking water, support other wild life. Thus, in future, human survival will be threatened by lack of clean and fresh water with floods with the biodiversity worsening (EcoBridge Threat of Climate Change). Fighting global warming In an attempt to reduce global warming, pollution as a result of gas emissions that include carbon dioxide should be reduced.

This can be done by ensuring that different enterprises take a greater responsibility for the pollution. Additionally, transportation and old cars may also be reduced in a number of ways thus fighting global warming. In other words, unnecessary transportation that lead to traffic jams also increases the rate of carbon dioxide emission (Center News Agency Green Activists hold parade). It is highly encouraged top vote in leaders who will attempt and demand action in fighting climate change. This means that these leaders need to be responsible with an aim of protecting the environment that will be inherited by the future generation.

Also, carbon dioxide can be halted by use of fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent. In purchasing home appliances, it is highly advised to get energy efficient appliances which can be done by replacing electronics more watts with those that use lower watts while also considering the use of cars that discourage pollution by power plants that lead to global warming (NRDC Global Warming). Furthermore, use of products like disposable bags should be replaced with a reusable cloth bag in order to save trees which absorb carbon dioxide.

Burning of fossil fuels can also be reduced by cutting down on the expenses of heating and cooling. Instead, of weather stripping can be used in sealing all drafts around doors and windows. As well, one may also purchase carbon offsets which represent a clean power and makes up for the remaining carbon output (NRDC Global Warming). All this while, it is important to choose green power by choosing a renewable type of energy where electricity can be supplied from solar and wind among others. Home appliances should also be switched off after use instead of leaving them on a standby mode.

Moreover, wrapping water heater in an insulation blanket helps in reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. An estimated 3 percent of greenhouse is produced through the methane and is freed by decomposing bio degradable waste. However, this problem can be eradicated by recycling of organic waste in a bid to fight global warming (NRDC Global Warming). As well, aside from offering shades, tree planting will aid in fighting global warming. This can be attributed to the fact that planting and taking care of these trees helps by absorbing tons of carbon dioxide.

While also cutting down ion the cost of air conditionings, carefully planted trees also lower temperatures and trap greenhouse gases that cause global warming (Blaine Harden Tree planting Drive page AO1) Works cited Center News Agency. “Green Activists hold parade in Taiwan to all attention to global warming. ” Accessed December 9, 2008 from <http://www. etaiwannews. com/etn/news_content. php? id=805467&lang=eng_new s> Disabled World. “Global warming: a threat to future. ” 2008. Accessed December 9, 2008 from

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