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Global Warming

Global warming is described as the extreme changes happening to the earth’s climatic conditions. Over the years, global warming gained much attention from different people, leading to numerous understanding about it. Global warming has two main views. It is said to be a natural phenomenon that is needed for the earth to continue to exist and without it, earth will be uninhabitable. Another view is that it became an international problem due to the natural as well as man-made factors that expedited its process. One natural phenomenon that results to global warming is said to be the greenhouse effect.

The array of atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons has been responsible for trapping the heat from the earth’s surface, subsequently warming the earth and maintaining its temperature at around 60° Fahrenheit which is suitable for earth. However, as time passed, there was an unexpected increase in the atmospheric temperature that alarmed scientists as well as environmentalists. Concerns about the effects of drastic climatic conditions to the environment and humanity were raised.

The cause of this excessive rise of the atmospheric temperature is said to be both natural and man-made. Some of the man-made factors mentioned were increase in human activities such as agriculture, oil production and mining. Another major factor is the industrial revolution that set a chain reaction that further aggravated the global warming. It is also said that improvements on agricultural production, population growth and urbanization leads to massive clearing of forest and vegetation cover. This further contributed to global warming since it is known that trees retain carbon dioxide.

Some of the natural factors contributing to global warming are solar activity and volcanic eruption. It is said that as climatic and temperature changes occur on earth, the sun emits more radiant energy. Thus, various suggestions were made for possible solutions regarding global warming and its effect. There are processes contributing to global warming that are said to be difficult to deal with. However, great effort should be put into taking appropriate actions for the possible solution of global warming.

It is said that the simplest and most effective thing to do is reforestation. Planting trees helps keep carbon dioxide in the atmosphere balanced, thus reducing atmospheric temperature. There should be cooperation between countries regarding the ways to reduce global warming. Governments around the world have the power to produce policies that can help in solving global warming. One policy that can be produced is the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal. These would reduce the burning of fossil fuels that affects the atmospheric temperature so much.

Governments should have forested lands be monitored and preserved and not be used for other land purposes. There should also be an environmental campaign regarding global warming. Citizens all over the world should learn ways how to save earth from this pressing issue. Simple things like walking short distances instead of riding in vehicles and using energy saving bulbs and less heat generating appliances should be promoted all over the globe. Works Cited Peach, Dexter J. Global warming: Emission Reductions Possible As Scientific Uncertainties Are Resolved. Darby. PA: DIANE Publishing, 2005. Print.

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