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Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Emission

Global warming is driven by the principles of reproduction and consumption; it is the results of man’s attempt to achieve comfort and security in life not considering the severity of its cost in the future. There is already enough heat that the environment produces from its natural cycle to sustain the life of every living thing. But, enhanced global warming poses threat in the environment, this started as early as the 19th century at present.

The U. S. National Research Council in 2006 reported that the planet is declared as the “hottest” with an increase in the surface temperature of the earth of about 0. 5-1. 0 degrees Fahrenheit and is still expected to increase until the 21st century (Stanford Solar Center, para 1). According to NASA it is estimated in the carbon dioxide level of around 35% whereas the temperature has risen to 0. 9%, which signify that the earth is getting to a point of deterioration it the level of those gases will not be minimized. The increase in the level of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide could give direct effects in the environment like climate change and weather patterns will be experienced according to many scientist.

The disintegration of the Larsen-B Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula in 2002 is one of the manifestations of global warming (NASA) . Study shows that as of March 2009, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reach the value of 387 ppm volume, it fluctuated a little when the season change during the northern spring and summer when the plants consume the gas and it rises for the period of the northern autumn and winter as plants go latent and die. The major factor for global warming is the intensification of greenhouse gases which circulates in the atmosphere.

Heat is required to have a healthy environment but it should come from natural sources, but heat brought by toxic chemicals could lead to abnormality in the atmosphere. Global warming is contributed by three leading causes known as carbon dioxide and methane. The increase of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and methane emission leads to the destruction of the ozone layer. Currently, there is a continuous increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at the rate of one part per million every year it was expected by meteorologist that the temperature of the earth will raise up to 2. 5 degrees Celsius.

In contrast, environmentalist Ted Turner believed that there will be an eight degrees increase in temperature for the next 30 to 40 years and basically no more crops will be produced, that will cause most people to die while others left will be cannibals in this point living conditions will be impossible for human existence. Air conditioning device such as refrigerators and air conditioners release CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) in the atmosphere, the burning of fossil fuel, the use of methane together with other chemicals facilitated by human activities have caused such chemicals to be emitted in the atmosphere.

The accumulation of these gases in the atmosphere prevents other gases to leave the surface of the earth which resulted to the increase in temperature. Therefore, this greenhouse gases are believed to be the major cause of global warming. According to Post (2002), the temperature increase that took place within the last two decades affected the major biomes on earth; the extensive outcome to the small change is alarming there are estimates that the climate will still heat up to two or three degrees more.

Furthermore, one of the biomes of the earth that was affected is the forest ecosystem wherein carbon dioxide is significantly utilized in the process of photosynthesis for plants, because of the heavy use of fossil fuels the amount carbon dioxide has increased in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution. When the earth obtain energy from the sun about 30 % of sunlight bounce back into space thru the outer layer of the atmosphere which means that only 70 % reaches the earth’s surface, then it is reflected into the atmosphere as infrared radiation.

The function of carbon dioxide is to permit direct sunlight to pass through but it reflects infrared radiation, it works like a glass roof that avoids the heat from escaping out of the atmosphere so the more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the more heat is being trapped that cause increase in temperature on the surface of the earth resulting to global warming. As reported by Dr. Klepper “The world is already above the worst case scenario in terms of emission” he also said that we are already above the limit.

For the year 2006 it is estimated that 8. 4 gigatons of carbon has been emitted in the atmosphere which came from fossil fuels, according to the study made by the National Academy of Science which is also co-written by Dr. Keppler. References Science Journal (2002). Extensive Research Survey Confirms Life on Earth Now Being Affected by Global Warming http://www. science. psu. edu/journal/Fall2002/Globalwarming- Riebeek. (2007). NASA Earth Observatory. http /earthobservatory. nasa. gov/Features/Global Warming/ Turner, T. (2008). Global warming could lead to cannibalism. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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