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Global Warming is Being Caused by Man

Global Warming is attributable to numerous things, but they are generally categorized into two groups: the natural causes and the anthropogenic causes or man-made. Examples of natural cause are the discharge of methane gas from wetlands and arctic tundra, and the earth’s cycle of climate change. This process has kept the Earth’s temperature warmer than it would otherwise be, and existing life on the planet could not be sustained without this natural greenhouse effect.

However, man-made causes bring about most of the damage, given that human activities have made the greenhouse effect irregular, causing the evident warming of the planet. Although temperatures rise and fall naturally, yet as a result of human activities, over the past half-century the worldwide temperature rate has significantly increased. Without a doubt, humans have caused the greenhouse effect to become stronger, causing an alarming global warming. Overview of Global Warming Basically, greenhouse gases produce the widespread warming effect felt on the Earth’s surface, as these gases trap the energy in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases allow the sun’s incoming radiation to pass through the Earth’s atmosphere, but they lock in the heat by averting some of the surface radiation from escaping to outer space. Accordingly, global warming increases the normal temperature of the planet, which in turn results in climate changes. Effects of Global Warming A warmer Earth may cause a rise in sea level, changes in rainfall patterns, and a wide range of effects on humans, animals, and plants. In fact, global warming is already causing destructions in several parts of America.

In 2002, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado suffered their most gruesome wildfire seasons ever (Natural Resources Defense Council). During the same year, floods caused millions of dollars in damage in North Dakota, Montana and Texas; on the other hand, drought produced severe dust storms in Kansas, Colorado and Montana (Natural Resources Defense Council). Moreover, since the early 1950s, a number of areas of the Cascade Range in Washington and Oregon have experienced a shorter winter season and snow accumulation has declined to about 60 percent (Natural Resources Defense Council).

Obviously, the harsh consequences of global warming are not restricted to the United States alone. In 2003, intense heat waves caused over 1,500 deaths in India and more than 20,000 deaths in Europe (Natural Resources Defense Council). Moreover, in what experts believe a disturbing sign of events in the future is that the perennial polar ice cap of the Arctic area is diminishing at the rate of nine percent per decade (Natural Resources Defense Council). Man Caused the Global Warming Pollution is one of the major man-made problems, and it comes in several sizes and forms.

For instance, burning of fossil fuels by humans cause pollution; in view of the fact that when fossil fuels are burned they emit the green house gas carbon dioxide or CO2. Coal-burning power plants are the major source of CO2 pollution in the United States, producing about 2. 5 billion tons per year (Natural Resources Defense Council). Likewise, mining oil and coal activities allow another greenhouse gas known as methane to escape when miners excavate the earth for oil and coal. Accordingly, when they excavate the fossil fuels, they also excavate the greenhouse gas methane.

The carbon dioxide, methane and other air pollution accumulates in the atmosphere resembling a thick blanket, trapping the sun’s heat and causing global warming. Another leading man-made cause of global warming is population. Accordingly, more people means more transportation and more food, which correspondingly means more agriculture and more burning of fossil fuels. Moreover, manure produces methane, and because more food is needed for the growing population, people have to increase food sources like cows and other animals, which accordingly mean more methane from manure.

Another problem with the growing population is the additional transportation. In the United States, for instance, automobiles are the second major source of CO2, creating almost 1. 5 billion tons of CO2 per year (Natural Resources Defense Council). Likewise, in view of the fact that humans breathe out carbon dioxide, the growing population makes the crisis even worse. Unfortunately, the trees and forest that convert the CO2 to oxygen are being wiped out by humans for their personal use and are not being adequately restored. Opposing Views

Nevertheless, some people assert that the sun is to be blamed for the existing changes in the global temperature, and testimonies of numerous climate experts and scientists are supplementing the emergent opposition to the man-made theory. Currently, Earth is not the only planet in the solar system that is undergoing global warming, as several astronomers have alleged that Pluto has also been experiencing climate changes (Marshall, 2007). They suggested that the changes are seasonal events, given that season changes depending on the adjustment of the planet’s different hemispheres; therefore, affecting their inclination to the Sun.

Basically, it is the Sun that determines the Earth’s seasons and, as a consequence, has more impact on the planet’s climate than humans. Claude Allegre, a leading French scientist and among the first scientists who tried to alert the people of the dangers of global warming two decades ago, now believes that growing evidence points out that majority of the warming are caused by natural occurrences (Marshall, 2007). Allegre is now confident that global warming is a natural change and perceives the threat of great man-made dangers as being stuffed and very much exaggerated.

Counter of Opposing Views Basically, human impact comes along with the natural factors that have always influenced the Earth’s climate, such as discrepancies in the curve of the planet’s orbit around the Sun, as well as the intensity of the Sun. Nature’s carbon emissions are part of a cycle that rotates between the atmosphere, the land and oceans-based vegetation. Although large amount of CO2 emissions come from natural sources, it is the man-made emissions that create the imbalance that brings about global warming.

Accordingly, these factors combined with man-made factors have produced the Earth’s changing climate. Man-made climate change takes place as humans discharge greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These emissions come from several sources, including planes and cars that take people where they desire to go, power plants that provide electricity, as well as factories and agriculture that supply food and other materials. Man-made emission of greenhouse gases in enormous quantities adds to the average concentration of these gases in the atmosphere.

For that reason, humans increase the greenhouse effect as additional heat is trapped by the Earth’s atmosphere, and this increases the atmosphere’s temperature which ultimately causes the global warming. Conclusion/Recommendations Without a doubt, the major emitters of greenhouse gases are humans. Although the planet will always be exposed from unpleasant and unexpected climate changes ensuing from natural causes, what makes the situation at present different is that humans are rapidly causing extreme changes in the planet’s climate.

Fortunately, there are a number of uncomplicated ways that people can make to reduce global warming pollution. For instance, conservation of energy should become a part of people’s daily routine. Accordingly, every time that people reduce their energy consumption, they also reduce carbon dioxide emission by a considerable amount; therefore, bringing down the pollution that is responsible for the worsening global warming.

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